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Teen fashion guide: How to choose prom dress color

Many girls regard the prom party as one of the most events during their high school time. And some girls even spend months of time to discover a satisfied dress. Apart from the dress style, the dress color is also a key factor to take into consideration. The following are some of my advice on how to choose a dress color will flatter your skin tone and personality.

Skin tone plays a huge role in how you look in a color, for example my skin has a very yellow undertone so I shy away from any pale yellow or champagne colors. The best way to find your skin’s undertone is to pinch the back of your hand for a moment, whatever color you see there is your undertone! If you have more of a pink or rosy undertone you will look better in cool colors such as blues and purples. If you see peach or a bright red warm colors are for you!

rubby red prom gown

Women and girls with fair complexions tend to look better in pastels and softer colors. Whites, corals, ocean blues, light raspberry, soft tangerine and champagne are just a few beautiful choices. If you have darker skin tones, you can enjoy bright, vivacious colors without becoming lost in them. Electric orange, emerald green, midnight blue and ruby red will definitely be attention-getters.

sky blue prom dress

Many people go for different colors for different reasons. Some like red because, to them, it signifies the love of life and love. Some go for black because they are looking to make a statement of sorts while others go for white because most wedding gowns are white and they are purely hopeless romantics. The reasons for choosing a specific color for your prom dress should be both veiled in vanity and guided by simple pragmatism.

Besides, also take the tuxedo color of your date into consideration. Most girls pick out their favorite dress long before their date orders his tuxedo. Because you will be making picture memories for a lifetime, coordinating your outfits is important. Generally, if you are wearing light colors, he will look best in a white or light grey suit or tux. If you are going bold and bright, he should choose black. Contrary to popular opinion, don’t try to perfectly match his shirt or accessories to the main color of your dress.

side slit prom dress

Now as far as pragmatism goes, besides looking your best, you want to choose a dress that is within your reach and actually adds value to you. This means, you have to work within a sensible budget. Save a lot on prom dress shopping at


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