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Party guide: How to host a warm winter party

We don’t like the cold days. The perfect way to warm in winter is having a party with your best friends. Keep warm is the most important thing for a winter party. Luckily, there are plenty of stylish alternatives for keeping the winter party warm. For those who plan to host a winter party, read on for a few simple tips to stay warm for winter time celebrations.

First, you’d better make it clear on the invitations what the party will be like, so people can come with proper party apparel, serve plenty of hot mulled wine, soup and hot food, and get everybody dancing to keep warm? If people are going in and out of the house, the whole place is going to get pretty cold anyway, so everyone will need to be warned to wrap up in extra layers, which they can always discard if they get too hot.

Winter Laterne

Second, serve your party guests with warm drink and food. Don’t shy away from foods typically associated with warmer weather. Take advantage of the cooler weather as an excuse to savor an array of rich, decadent comfort foods. Serve warm, crusty breads with dips or a thick, creamy soup or chili. Or delight guests with an indulgent chocolate fondue with watermelon dippers for a little extra fun. Serve a hot cocoa or spiced cider bar and let guests add their own toppings and spices, ranging from whipped cream and maraschino cherries to cinnamon sticks and caramel syrup.

winter party

Third, get your guests move and dance. An active body heats up quickly – move, dance, jump until you break a sweat. Get those guests moving and you won’t need any heating. Musical chairs, or games that involve dancing are great; keep the kids moving and no one will freeze their little butt off. Big holiday parties warm a house quickly, thanks to the body heat generated by the many guests. Snuggling also works, so cuddle up with your honey.


Remember, you’re all in the same boat. You’d better choose proper party clothes to keep warm. In some cases, chic boots look better and are warmer than party heels. In a crowded party no one’s looking at your feet usually anyways, it’s all about waist-up. If you got a sweater, wear it. In any event, hand-washing will keep your sweaters in good condition for years to come.

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