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Dressing guide for black tie event

2016 has come, what will you do to celebrate New Year? Perhaps a party is the greatest way to embrace New Year. Wrong attire will make you stand out as rude or inappropriate. Do you know what you are expected to wear for a black tie event? The following are some dressing tips for black tie party.

What is black tie?

Black tie is a dress code of formal wear for evening events and social functions derived from British and American costume conventions of the 19th century. Worn only for events after 6 p.m., black tie is semi-formal, i.e. less formal than white tie but more formal than informal or business dress. In the United States, black tie attire is often referred to as a tuxedo.

Dress tips for men

It’s commonly assumed that black tie is the highest standard of dress for men. In fact, black tie evolved from what was, at the time, fairly relaxed evening attire. There’s a pretty strict framework for black tie attire. The most pivotal tip when rocking this attire is to keep it simple. Opt for clean, sleek lines when trying out potential tux jackets. Keep looks minimalist, ensuring your black tie looks withstand the test of time. A well-tailored black tuxedo is the best option for an easy, simple look that won’t date and can be worn time after time. There is something wonderfully dimensional about a deep midnight blue tux. Patent leather dress shoes are in order for suitable Black Tie looks. Black Tie attire traditionally calls for a bow tie. Matching your bow tie to the facing of your tux is standard.

Dress tips for women

Women have several options when dressing for black tie affair. For women, the rule of thumb should be a floor length dress. While women may choose dark colors such as black and navy, bolder colors, such as emerald, magenta and aqua, are also appropriate. You may also consider a very formal cocktail dress, think A-line gown in metallic color, or has rich embellishments. About the accessories, you can add a touch of sparkle and embellishment to their attire with jewelry, such as chandelier earrings, a pearl necklace or a diamond or gemstone bracelet. High heels, both pumps and open-toe heels, complement dresses of all lengths.

Evening wear has been essentially unchanged for many years. It evolves subtly over time, but if you stick with certain rules that will make all the difference. When everyone looks the same, you can always notice when someone has done it properly and someone hasn’t. The good thing about black tie is you only wear it a handful of times a year but it will last for a decade or more. So if you invest in something that is well made and fits you properly you’ll always look good.

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