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Questions-Answers about gynecomastia/male breast reduction surgery

If a man is suffering from the embarrassment of male breasts, he should undergo gynecomastia surgery.

Uncharacteristically bulky breasts in men is a medical term called gynecomastia, which is resultant of the two Greek words “gyne” that means “woman” and “mastos” that means “breast.” The remedy is male breast reduction surgery, which confiscates fat and tissue from the glands within the breasts and in severe cases, confiscates surplus skin, crafting a flatter, firmer and better contoured chest. This ailment, though barely ever talked over, is pretty common since it affects about 40 to 60 percent of menfolk. This is moderately common in young boys and the majority of the time, symptoms lessens in just some months. It could only affect one breast or both. Abnormally big breasts in males...  Read More

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Gynecomastia Surgery
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