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Schnell Solutions Limited

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Schnell Solutions is a software development company which specialises in developing bespoke software applications which run on Desktops, Mobile Devices and Browsers. From our HQ near London in UK, we operate in the public and private sector to develop tailored software applications.

Everything we do revolves around Integration & Automation.

Our team of multi skilled developers have been part of several high profile projects in their working career. Right from helping the UK central government to develop online applications (40,000+ users worldwide) to developing innovative IT solutions for £million+ organisations. We have a track record of solving complex software challenges with exceptional quality and lowest total cost of ownership for our clients.
We work with start ups, SMEs and large corporate clients to provide them with full bespoke software development services and act as a 'One...  Read More

Increasing Demand of Software Development Companies in UK

The business world has entered what many regard as "the software economy." Because software has become the necessary tool and the market for computer science and software careers has exploded, but in a good way. Take a look at all the products and services surrounding everyday life, and you will see why. New mobile phones and devices for instance, don't differ much in physical hardware. Instead, they are largely differentiated by the software they use and the user interface design they have.

Even automobiles are becoming software-reliant, as they become highly programmable devices that interact with many other kinds of devices, smartphones, and software tools. For instance take the Tesla. This engineering marvel is said to have one of the most advanced software interfaces in the automobile market today, even more advanced that the Chevy...  Read More

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Tips to Avoid Bespoke Software Failures

A common issue that project managers who are tasked to supervise software development projects face is falling behind project schedule. When software projects are not delivered on time, it is not only the project manager’s career that is put on the line, but also the entire company’s operational capabilities, reputation, and future success. This is why it is important to conduct thorough preliminary research, risk assessment, analysis, and careful planning. Ample time spent planning the development process helps reduce failure and pretty much guarantees the success of your software project. Here are some tips to help you avoid bespoke software development pitfalls:
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Does Software Development Make Your Business Earn Profit?

Custom software development provides businesses with a practical means to create programs and systems that will benefit their operations, help them deal with the unique challenges of their industry, and streamline business for greater productivity. Deploying custom software applications help serve a diverse range of critical purposes that businesses need to reach specific goals and facilitate success. Software applications and computer programs, whether they are specifically made with your company's needs or made to perform generic tasks are designed to help make collecting information, data analysis, business marketing, and operational management, among others, a lot easier to handle, than traditional manual means.
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Name:Schnell Solutions Limited
Location:Letchworth Garden City, SG6 1GJ, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom
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