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Bees Knees Bodyworks

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About the Name: Bee’s knee’s does not refer to actual Bee products (although I do use beeswax in a number of products), it refers to the popular phrase of the 1920’s meaning the best or the ultimate!
About the Queen Bee: My name is Trish Nicol and I started bee’s knees bodyworks in 2010, after several years of making soaps, lotions, and lip balms as a hobby. I find it so personally rewarding to make and share high quality, natural body care products for friends, like you!
My motto is: Good. Clean. Fun. ...
Good - Every ingredient that I use is of the highest cosmetic grade quality. I carefully choose the most beneficial ingredients for each product, such as shea butter (super moisturising), calendula oil (healing), chamomile (soothing), aloe vera (healing & soothing), plus vitamins and therapeutic essential oils, using organic whenever possible. My products are all at least 98% natural. Read More
"Good. Clean. Fun."
Name:Bee's Knees Bodyworks
Location:Chilliwack, BC
Category:Health & Beauty
Since:Jan 2010

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