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What Does the Alternator Do?

A car is needs various parts to function for it to work properly. It’s sort of like the human body. If you think of car like the body and its parts like organs, just imagine an organ getting sick or failing. Then, it’s not that hard to imagine why your car fails when just one part goes bad or stops working.

Your car uses electricity to start the engine and run other devices (radio, air conditioning). If it only depended upon the battery, it would soon deplete the battery. That’s where the alternator comes in If you look at the engine, it’s in the front and has a belt and vents on either side (cars prior to the 1960s used dynamos).

The alternator is like a generator. It provides power for the headlights. These days, too, it powers all the cool extra gadgets with which modern vehicles are coming. Most think the battery does all that. Not so. The battery only starts your car. The moment the battery starts your engine, the alternator takes over the supplying power job. The battery will, however, will run all those things if you run it without turning on your engine or if your alternator fails.

The alternator also recharges your battery. Have you ever accidentally left on your lights or left something else on and somehow depleted your battery? You then got a “jump” and all was good. That’s because the alternator fully re-energized your battery.

Batteries & More

Batteries & More offers Alternator Repairs & Replace Johannesburg. It also tests your alternator before placement, which is a tremendous task, but extremely important - a defective alternator will leave your car unable to start as your battery will drain.

The skilled, experienced, and trained professionals at Batteries & More advice that the battery light on your dashboard panel indicates most likely indicates a faulty alternator and should be looked at right away.

In addition to repairing and selling alternators, Batteries & More also sells a broad range of starter and alternator related parts, including brushes, solenoids, rotors, coils, regulators, and rectifiers. Electrical components including brushes, solenoids, rotors, coils, regulators and rectifiers. All parts are quality guaranteed.

Batteries & More provides personalized "door to door" service. Such eliminates downtime and any possible negative impacts on your work and business. For over twenty years, it has proudly served the Johannesburg area.

Batteries & More provides premier products and the finest service and delivery, all at superior prices. Its list of satisfied clients includes:

o Reddy Cargo

o Reddy Logistics

o JGJ Transport

o Sena Trucking

o Shipping and General

In addition to Alternators repairs Johannesburg and sales, Batteries & More also offers:

o Paint less Dent Removal and Mag / Rim Repair

o Car batteries for sale and more

o Car battery services

o Starter motor repairs Johannesburg

Contact Batteries and More today.

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