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The Main Reasons Cars Breakdown

As of 2014, 28,5% of South African households had access to a car. That reflected a 5,6% increase in ten years. Since then, car sales have gone up and, in July 2017 alone, they increased 4,1% (the Ford Ranger, as in past years, sold the most). While sales haven’t always been perfect and the economy has fluctuated, the industry nonetheless has a positive influence on the market. Car makers highly pursue the industry and just last year, Toyota opened a plant in KwaZulu- Natal, Durban.

Car batteries

Driving certainly is a fantastic convenience that also offers independence. In 2016, about 4,3 million workers drove a car at least to and from work. If you don’t already own a car, perhaps you ride along as a passenger or plan on someday owning a car yourself. The statistics indicate that these situations are possible now or very likely in the near future.

Cars, however, occasionally breakdown. Even the most highly rated, most expensive cars experience trouble once in a while. The South African Motor Industry Ombudsman noted seven main areas where breakdown problems occur. Understanding these problems, regardless of your current situation, and servicing them before they develop into bigger problems, will save time and money.

1. Battery. The battery starts your engine and keeps the electrical current even. If it isn’t working, your car won’t start. Warning signs include powder-like residue, loose cables, dim dashboard lights before starting the car, and a slow turning ignition. Have a professional inspect your battery if you notice any of these warning signs. Note, though, batteries really only have about a three-year life span, so it’s normal for them to need replacing around that time.

2. Alternator. Once your car is started, the alternator recharges the battery and generates electricity. Warning signs include a glowing battery light, dim lights while the car is running, a battery that loses charge in a frequently driven car, and unusual noises around the alternator. If you notice any of these signs, see a professional immediately.

3. Starter Motor. The battery powers the starter motor, which then turns the engine. Warnings include sporadic starting issues, clicking sounds, starting issues with a good battery, and a constantly running starter. See a professional right away if you experience any of these problems. The problem could be minor or seriously major and the car could seize, which might then require a total engine replacement.

4. Electrical system. The battery, starter, and alternator form your car’s electrical system and provide power to the windows, windscreen wipers, instrument panel, fuel pump, safety, and other mechanical functions. Warning signs include any mechanical failure. See a professional if one or more mechanical system fails.

5. The clutch. The clutch connects and disconnects the engine’s rotational power to the wheels. Warning sings include difficult or loud gear changes, forward moving car while the clutch is full or almost pressed, a soft and unresponsive clutch, and a burning smell. If you notice any of these problems, stop driving as soon as possible and see a professional. A worn clutch could cause serious transmission system damage.

6. Spark plugs. Spark plugs ignite the fuel in your engine and allow it to run. Warning signs include difficulty starting, rough idling, engine misfire, lack of power, and high fuel consumption.

7. Transmission. The transmission adjusts the power, through gears, from the engine to the drive wheels. Warning signs include difficulty engaging or maintaining gear, stopping when in gear and when clutch is released, hesitation and jumping upon clutch release, shuddering, fluid leakage, extreme heat, and noise. If you experience any of these signs, have your car towed to a professional immediately.

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Batteries & More is owner managed, so it fully understands how customers get frustrated and worry over about downtime and loss of income when their vehicles require service. That’s why Batteries and More is a mobile service company. That means it comes out to you. This essentially eliminates downtime.

Batteries & More additionally offers Paintless Dent Removal and Mag / Rim Repair.

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