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Member Since:  Jun 2015
Bambu Global was established in 2015, we are a company devoted to our customers and their need for quality products at a quality price within a global economy that has non-stop trends and ever-changing technologies. Our mission is to provide innovative and exciting quality products to the everyday person from military gear, electronics, women’s and men’s apparel, and so on. There is no limit to the types of new and innovative items that may show up. We use technology as a tool for learning and growth. Our growth has been exponential since the start and we have been learning and supporting each other to obtain and achieve our own personal and professional goals, no one is left behind. To Bambu Global, relationships are what matter most, whether it is our customers, employees, suppliers, or even our community, we take each and every relationship, new and old, wholeheartedly and provide our full un-divided attention to each and every person.
"Do you Bambu?"
Name:Bambu Global, Inc
United States
Category:Sporting Goods
Since:Jun 2015