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4 Things Your Realtor Might Miss Out to Tell You

Most of the time, realtors are trustworthy. But chances are there that, that person you hired to help you in Real Estate may be holding back for some reasons. With this in mind, here are a few things you should know so you get the best deal and service.

Once you decide to sell your house, obviously you hire a real-estate broker and one of the first things he'll likely suggest is hosting an open house so that potential buyers can casually check out your property on a weekend afternoon. While this is good idea of finding a buyer, the latest National Association of Phuket Real Estate found that their success rate is a mere 2 to 4 percent.  Most of the time, it only helps the broker to understand the database of clients.

There are times brokers make it sound as if their fees are engraved in stone which is “a rare case”. The formula is as the number of brokers sharply increases, so does the competition for listings. All you need to do is ask and they'll lower the commission. Simple, isn’t it?

Legally, it’s the responsibility of the broker to tell you about all offers that come in. Perhaps, some don’t. He might think the offer is insultingly low for you or most likely it's too low for his own purposes. No worries. Tell your broker that you are interested to know about all the offers. Check the listing agreement if he has promised to disclose all offers explicitly, else you know what next? Insist!

Some brokers who call themselves buyer advocates are actually working for companies that also represent sellers. A good way to get a broker who has no such conflicts of interest is checking for professionals in local. For instance, one such group who deal with phuket real estate are exotiq who can help you find the best deal possible in Thailand.

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