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R. Steward

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Hi there :)
Welcome to our store!

My name is Rita, aka...The Auction Junkie. As the name implies, I'm a certified junkie when it comes to auctions, whether they're on line, off line and anywhere in between!

I have been selling vintage glassware, pottery and collectibles on eBay for over 16 years and love it! I've always had a passion for auctions, especially the ones with pretty glassware,ceramics and pottery. The icing on the cake is meeting and chatting with others who feel the same way and making new friends!

Whether you're a buyer, a seller, love yard/garage sale-ing, auctions, crafts, or what ever you're passionate about or addicted to, drop in, introduce yourself and tell us about it, I'd love to chat with you! You can also follow us on Facebook and meet others who share your interests. :)

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Daisy Kingdom CCS Cross Stitch Kit  I Believe In Santa
Fenton Light Blue Daisy and Button Bell Nice
Fenton Lime Green Daisy and Button Bell
Royal Doulton Ribbons and Roses Vase Pink Swag Vintage
Hand Painted Sakura Sonoma Fall Pumpkin Pitcher Jug
Princess House Crystal Fantasia Cannister Nice!
Federal Glass Set of Two Light Green Coffee Mugs Nice
Fenton Tyndale Peach Crest Gold Rose Handled Jug Nice

The Auction Junkie..Auctions For Fun and Profit Blog

I've been working on a new blog for folks who might be interested in learning about auctions as a way to source products for resell. The blog is new, but I'll be adding to it as often as I can. Live and on line auctions can be intimidating to someone who hasn't a clue as to registering, bidding and so forth. I thought it might be fun to share what I know and some of the funny things, and not so funny, that have happened to us over the years. If you're already an auction goer, we'd love to hear about your adventures also, share what you've learned, your tips and tricks, buying for personal or resell, or just stop by and chat with us, we love meeting and making new friends!

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Research Tools


I thought I'd drop in and share some of the great research tools I've found or others have shared with me. I sell glassware, pottery and collectibles, so that's what these links are for. I hope that you'll find them as useful as I have, and just maybe, they will save you hours of time and frustration. Enjoy :)

This a file that has numerious research links...









Mid-Century Modern



Miscellaneous Collectibles



Other Stuff



Porcelain & Pottery



Research Guides


Antique Bottle Collector's Haven.url
Antique Bottles - Welcome Page.url
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Going Once... Going Twice...Sold!

I must be nuts!  I complained all winter long about how cold and dreary it was outside and now that it's warm and sunny, where do you find me.....on my sofa with the laptop, waiting for an auction to start!

Our basement is running out of places to put anything, my kitchen table is full of stuff that needs to be listed, the computer room is a nightmare and my poor little doggies have given up on being played with for now. My hubby just shakes his head and heads out to the garage. Oh, it's filling up too!

Since discovering live auctions being held on line, I've turned into a regular couch potato...hmm, well I suppose I'm already one of those because I'm disabled, but I used to read and do other stuff, like talk to friends and the dogs. Hubby works away from home, that was the reason for getting the dogs in the first place,  to keep me company.

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"We sell vintage glassware, china, porcelain, pottery and collectibles."
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