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Pick The Right Striped Curtains To Make Home More Elegant

Curtain occupies an important position in home renovation for its functional and decorative qualities. With which to beautify a home attractive and elegant. This year, what kind of curtain is the most popular for home decoration? The answer of course is striped curtains. Well, how to choose striped curtains for home decor to gain an elegant look. Let us learn together one by one.

Thickness selection depending upon on different season

Curtains used for winter and summer are not the same, striped curtains thickness according to changing season. Thin and light striped sheer curtains are good for summer cause sheer can weaken the strong light while the blue color makes room feel cool. Differ from summer hot and high temperature, winter is very cold, should hanging the thick fabric curtains to prevent the cold wind and save heat from reducing to keep room warm.


Striped curtains selection based on different room usage

Not only used for light shading, curtains have more decorative quality for interiors. According to room usage, striped curtains would beautiful the room more beautiful when you choose the right item. Living room for example, dark maroon or brown striped window curtains offer a sense of elegant and dignified, while for bedroom, orange curtains or yellow-orange curtains would make room warm and sweet for sleep quality.

According to room style to choose striped curtains

Beside to color, there are more things we have to think of when doing striped curtains selection, such as the room color and style where curtains would be hanged so that ensure they can best with each other. Too bright striped curtains are not suitable match classic room style, but can used for modern room to make room more elegant.

striped curtains

What striped curtains you will final take back home is up to up, just follow what we mentioned above, we sure you can pick the right one for your own style.

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