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Make An Impressive First Impression With Baldwin Door Hardware

Founded in 1946, Baldwin has been manufacturing door handles and locks for decades now. With three distinct style ranges – Estate, Reserve and Prestige – this is how you make a great first impression. From amazing European design, contemporary additions and globally inspired cues, rest assured that your home will really stand out from the crowd. If you are interested in Baldwin entry door hardware, you’ve come to the right place to learn more.
Estate Range
If you’re looking for a signature look, this is the range for you. These products are available in a choice of 22 finishes, are fully customisable so that you can achieve the look you desire, and are available in traditional, contemporary and rustic styles to complement your home. Each piece has been handcrafted with the utmost care, so it’s no wonder that this range is the jewel in Baldwin’s crown.
Reserve Range
If you’re looking for a lasting impression, you cannot beat this range. These products are available in a choice of 9 finishes (including 4 Reserve only finishes), and are available in traditional, contemporary and rustic styles to complement your home. It’s not just the mid-level range – it offers the best of both worlds in terms of accessibility and artful appeal.
Prestige Range
If you’re looking for affordable luxury, this is the range for you. These products are available in a choice of 4 finishes, come in pre-configured sets, and are available in traditional and contemporary styles to complement your home. All products are completely solid, which provides a more luxurious and higher quality feel – it’s heavier, stronger and smoother than other hardware.
Evolved Range
For the latest in luxury Baldwin door hardware, you cannot beat the Evolved range, which combines the brand’s beautiful aesthetics with smart lock technology. Available for iOS and select Android devices, the smart lock Kevo app allows you to control this hardware from your smartphone – never forget your keys again when you can unlock your door at the push of a button.
What are the finishes?
All finishes have been meticulously crafted from the finest materials. Coated with an ultra-hard lacquer, they are durable and very resistant to the effects of wear and tear.
Hard-relieved finishes may vary in lustre, hue and appearance as a result of handcrafted variances. Lifetime finishes create a surface that is highly resistant to the effects of weather and normal wear and tear. Living finishes continue to change over time so you can see the natural patina.
How is the hardware actually made?
Baldwin follows a pre-determined process to ensure that every piece of hardware they create is beautiful, flawless and endures the rigours of time.
First, a billet of brass is cut from bar stock of the correct diameter. Second, the billet is heated and pounded into the die to get its shape. Third, a stamping press removes the thin leftover metal skirt. Fourth, an abrasive grinding belt strips off the forge oxidation. Fifth, polishing wheels smooth away the grinding marks and the finished item is ready to go.
If you want your home to make the best possible first impression on visitors, Baldwin door hardware is for you. Whether you opt for the more affordable Prestige range, the mid-level Reserve range, the premium Estate range or the technologically savvy Evolved range, you are sure to find a perfect match for your décor and architectural style. Armadale Doors and Leadlights are proud to be the Australian supplier for this amazing brand.

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