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Recycling Part 2 Bird Baths

Here we will share some creative ideas we came up with using bits and pieces of discarded items which we saved from the landfill by turning them into a usable item! 

Bird baths.  You either pay an outragiously high price (hoping it lasts) for one or you buy a cheaper one that usually last one, maybe two seasons.  Here we will share using some items used to make two bord baths that are in use now and everyone is noticing them.  Especially the beautiful singing birds. 

recycled bird bath photo img_3907.jpg This bird bath was made reusing a smaller fire pit bowl that was thrown away by another when the stand broke.  An antique water well concrete pipe and a rock.  Since this stand was not in the better of shape, it was set using a small metal stake in the center, stood the concrete pipe up with the rod in the center and filled in with bits and pieces of broken bricks making it sturdy and stable.  Top that with the saved fire pit bowl.  Add a large rock into the center to stabalize it as well as provide a resting place for birds and insects. 

 photo img_3931.jpg   photo img_3932.jpg
 photo img_3933.jpg
Here are the collected makings for a second one.  Notice the heavy concrete base was once a part of one of those expensive hope they last ones.  Same concept and steps.  Pick a spot to place the concrete stand, sit the fire pit bowl on top, place a heavy pretty rock into the bowl center.  Add anything you like such as a salvaged piece of garden decor onto the rock.  Fill with water and watch the butterflies, birds, nature. 

Today the world seems to be too much of a throw away place.  When if we use a little creativity and imagination we can turn unwanted items into treasures.  Saving them from landfills while saving our funds for other things needed like groceries and prescriptions.  I hope we have inspired you just a tad today by sharing this.  Never say never.  Try!

Thank you and God Bless from Annabellas

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