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Recycle Turn a Broken Chiminea into a Garden Planter

Everyone loves the simple pleasure of a chiminea.  When they become damaged, stop using them for small fires and recycle them into something else.  After all, they were once something special to you, right? 

The chiminea survived the hosue fire and was actually usable after it was cleaned up.  Then it took a spill off the porch landing into the flower bed and cracking it.  Not safe anymore to use holding a small fire but it IS still usable.  This is what we turned it into. 
 photo img_3912.jpg photo img_3913.jpg
Planted inside is a variety of wild flower seeds.  Already sprouting inside.  Placing a salvaged wooden bowl into the top allows for water to come through without washing all of the dirt and seeds away.  Planted inside the bowl is cusumbers, again, already starting to sprout.  The metal stand for the chiminea was saved for another use later, sitting the pot directly onto the ground being it does not need air under it anymore as a fire pit. 

Hoping you enjoy our share.  God Bless from Annabellas

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Reader Comments  (4)

annabellas | May 2nd 2013 at 1367524768

seeds are sprouting and this is going to be a great focal point in the yard. ♥
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Poetry Girl | August 15th 2013 at 1376603526

How's your seed these days?
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kelly | October 4th 2017 at 1507122096

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