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Are You Doing Your Part To Recycle?

Are you doing your part by recycling?  Repurposing?  Reusing?  Reclaiming?  Let your imagination run wild and give it a try.  As the planet ages and population grows we find ourselves thinking on this subjet more so than our ancestors did.  If you take the creative out the box approach it can be loads of fun (and pride) helping keep things from piling into landfills. recycle photo: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle recycle.png recycle photo:  recycle.jpg
I had gotten this antique body dress form and had a blast mending and redoing it.  I used it in taking photos until it was lost in the house fire.  Still, I loved tackling the task and sharing it with others.   photo img_4479.jpg  photo img_4494.jpg
Never think you cannot without trying.  :).  Soda and water bottles are being used for all types of things.  Old tires.  Old scrap wood.  Old t-shirts.  The possibilities are only as endless as your imagination and desire. 

As a seller we can all do our part while also cutting down on operating expenses.  Reuse shipping envelopes.  If they are in good condition.  If they have already been reused we can still utilize them as dividers in packaging a shipment.  Too used bubble mailers that still have the bubbles inside are an instant slide on protector to use when packing a box to ship.  Peanuts and paper that come in a shipment, save them and reuse them.  The only thing we as sellers cannot reuse is tape! 

Just barely touching base on the subject for this week.  I will prepare and share better in the weeks to follow. 

Thank you for reading
Annabella's on Addoway

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annabellas | May 12th 2013 at 1368410836

FEATURED BLOG on 5-12-13 AWESOME and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessed and Happy Mother's Day.
Ring Fling
Ring Fling | May 12th 2013 at 1368411139

Awesome Thanks
no photo
MCatherine   | May 21st 2013 at 1369198024

Good tips!

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