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Tips To Save Money On Weddings

For many people, June means wedding season. Though weddings can be arranged at any time of the year but June is the most preferred month.   Weddings are joyful celebrations but are also stressful parties. Whether you are the guest or the Bride or groom you have to take care to find the right dress. But if you are hosting it you have to look for more than just the dress, you have to take care of the location, flowers, decoration, caterers, and the list goes on. So, if you don’t want to compromise on your ring you have to spend judiciously at the event this article will update you with tips to save money on weddings.

Weddings are a one of the most important event in a person’s life and that is why a lot of planning and preparation goes into organizing for the “Big day”. A recent survey has shown that newlyweds and their families had spent $28,427 on an average on wedding in 2012. As the wedding season is on, this article will show you how to judiciously spend on your big day without compromising on quality.

The Date, Venue and Guests

Weddings are not just for exchanging the vows, it is an occasion where all the friends and family get together and celebrate the important event in the couple’s life. But if we want to spent wisely we have to look who are worthy of being on the guest list as the bigger the list more money spent on arrangements. Even celebs also opt for smaller wedding celebration with limited number of guests that helps them in making it an extravagant affair because they save on costs of catering, invitations and the total count of centerpieces. Another smart idea to save is plan your big day in the off-peak season and have both the ceremony and reception in one place. Avoid wedding on Saturdays to get venues at a reasonable price. 


Weddings are important and we want the perfect ambience and decoration but if you think only flowers can give you the perfect décor you are wrong because the green leaves can look really beautiful and unique.  Also why go for very expensive flowers when you can get the same beauty at half the price. Also instead of plenty of blooms stick one or two kinds of seasonal flowers only. If you like to be a little unconventional you can a replace flowers with lanterns. Another smart way to save is to shop the off-season items like modern black vases that you can get cheap in sales after Halloween or some pink décors from after Valentine's Day sale. Also you can go for bigger tables to cut the number of centerpieces and tablecloths.

The Menu

Everybody expects a good food at the wedding and to save smartly you can opt for entree duets. If you think that there will be lot of food wastage you can also skip the main course and instead of a full bar you can offer beer, wine, and a signature cocktail instead of a full bar. Also in place of elaborate meals you can serve comfort foods like barbecue chicken, mac and cheese, and corn. It's fun and often cheaper. Also to save that extra bit for the ultimate engagement ring you can also skip the champagne toast.

Indulge in your engagement ring

As engagement ring and band will be worn for years and will be a lasting memoir of your ‘Big Day’ don’t buy just anything, it has to be something special and unique, it can be a solitaire or a three stone ring and can have sparkling diamonds or colorful gemstone, the choice is yours at The Gemstone Destination!

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