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Pearl Gemstone History

The lustrous loveliness of pearls has a timeless appeal. Their soft and soothing   look has won our hearts for centuries now and they make their presence strongly felt in the jewelry collection of most women even today. The most fascinating quality about this great gift of nature is that they never disappoint and look elegant and charming with all kinds of outfits.

In many ancient cultures they were compared to the moon for the striking similarity and therefore said to possess magical powers. The ancient Egyptians were so in awe of them that they buried their dead with them. For the Romans they were the ultimate symbol of wealth and social standing.

Natural pearls are indeed nature’s priceless gift to us and with time their cultured counterparts have made it possible for more and more jewelry lovers to indulge in their rare beauty. The creation of these miracles deserves special mention for it is a fascinating tale of nature and it all begins at the pit of the ocean.

Whenever any particle or foreign object enters an oyster, gets fixed on its soft interior and can’t find its way out, the oyster in a bid to get rid of it secretes a smooth and hard substance around the irritant in order to protect itself. For as long as this outsider is lodged inside it, the oyster doesn’t give up and continues this secretion called ‘nacre’. Eventually over a period of time the particle slowly gets completely encased in it. The final result is a smooth, silky, precious pearl.  
This incredible creation has always been considered to be a symbol of purity and perfection, the very reason why they are part of all wedding jewelry. In earlier times these beauties were prized more than any other gem and they were a treasure meant for the elite of the society alone. In many parts they were strictly to be worn by only the royals. Around the thirteenth century in Europe there were stringent laws stating who qualified to wear them.

Thankfully we are not held by any such rules and can indulge as much as we like in their pristine beauty especially those born in June as pearl happens to be the birthstone for this particular month.

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Micky | October 14th 2013 at 1381814192

Why are Mikimoto Pearls called "Mikimoto" ?

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