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How to Buy Diamond Studs Smartly

Perfect for all occasions, Diamond Studs look stylish with all outfits and are a must have in any jewelry collection.

Diamond studs look perfect for all occasions and go well with almost all outfits, which is why every woman wants a pair to be part of her personal collection. Shopping for diamond studs can be a fulfilling experience and also one that involves both time and money. The most important thing is to be educated about the stone so that you make a smart choice and buy a good pair of diamond studs that also don’t make a huge dent in your wallet.

Have a budget in mind so that you know what to look for and don’t get influenced by the jeweler in buying a pair of diamond studs that are expensive and way beyond your budget.

Understand the four C’s, cut, clarity, color and carat thoroughly so you’re aware how a little compromise can get you a price reduction without majorly altering the look of your diamond studs.

The cut of a diamond determines its brilliance and depends upon the proportion of crown and pavilion. Round studs are popular but expensive and you can always opt for other shapes that look good but cost less.

Decide the shape of diamond studs you want to buy before hand and understand which shape will look good on you. Also some shapes apparently look bigger than others and while round diamond studs may be most recommended, pear, marquise, and oval ones look good as well as prominent without being too expensive.

Inclusions are part of every gemstone and diamonds are no exceptions. Inclusions don’t always look pronounced and may not be visible to the naked eye so select a pair of studs where clarity may not be very good but the flaws are well concealed.

Colorless diamonds are the rarest and costliest and a little tint that doesn’t look too accentuated can bring down the price of your diamond studs substantially.

A smart way of getting a good deal on your diamond studs would be to opt for a pair which is just less than a carat. Remember one carat stones are always steeply priced and few points less score well on the price. This is a sure way of cutting your spends without making a conspicuous difference in the size of your diamond studs.

It is extremely important to buy your diamond studs from an authentic jeweler whether a store or an online retailer. Always ask for the certificate of authenticity that details the quality of your studs and gives an estimation of their price.

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Jayne | August 2nd 2013 at 1375449765

All this standard information of knowledge is correct except for one major point of information you did not mention:

For those with no knowledge when buying diamond earrings, it is very important to know that the carat amount for earrings is in halves (1/2) meaning that if you're pricing to buy a pair of one carat earrings, this means that each single earring is only 1/2 (0.50 cttw) half a carat each but as a pair totals to one carat.

Many naive diamond shoppers don't realize that important factor thinking that each earring is one carat each (not).

CTTW = carat total weight

Thanks for sharing!

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