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Pearl Gemstone History

The lustrous loveliness of pearls has a timeless appeal. Their soft and soothing   look has won our hearts for centuries now and they make their presence strongly felt in the jewelry collection of most women even today. The most fascinating quality about this great gift of nature is that they never disappoint and look elegant and charming with all kinds of outfits.

In many ancient cultures they were compared to the moon for the striking similarity and therefore said to possess magical powers. The ancient Egyptians were so in awe of them that they buried their dead with them. For the Romans they were the ultimate symbol of wealth and social standing.

Natural pearls are indeed nature’s priceless gift to us and with time their cultured counterparts have made it possible for more and more jewelry lovers to indulge in their rare beauty. The creation of these miracles deserves...  Read More

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How to Buy Diamond Studs Smartly

Perfect for all occasions, Diamond Studs look stylish with all outfits and are a must have in any jewelry collection.

Diamond studs look perfect for all occasions and go well with almost all outfits, which is why every woman wants a pair to be part of her personal collection. Shopping for diamond studs can be a fulfilling experience and also one that involves both time and money. The most important thing is to be educated about the stone so that you make a smart choice and buy a good pair of diamond studs that also don’t make a huge dent in your wallet.

Have a budget in mind so that you know what to look for and don’t get influenced by the jeweler in buying a pair of diamond studs that are expensive and way beyond your budget.

...  Read More

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Why to get a customized Wedding Bands

Everyone wants to feel special once in a while and a customized piece of jewelry gives you that special feeling because it has your unique stamp. Whenever and wherever you will wear it you will be noticed and many people will even ask you how and where you got it from. Then you can proudly say you designed it yourself. Sounds interesting! This article will help you in designing a customized piece of jewelry.
These days individuals love to be different and they want everything to be customized to their requirement and liking. Now when it comes to picking out a wedding band which is to worn for years together how they can settle for something ordinary. If you want something special for your wedding jewels it is better to get it customized.

Look for jewelry store that provides customization option

These days the web is full of online jewelry stores...  Read More

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