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Sam Ward

Sam Ward
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Openwave provides extensive mobile apps development services to its clients, located across the globe. We proudly announce that we have a team of 30 members, highly skilled and who are the best when it comes to your requirements. We expertise in various departments like health, games, weather, music and even social networking sites which is growing in pace.

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Reliable and Sustainable Applications with Android Development

If you have not heard of Android Development before you must be living under a rock. There are many important technologies that are gaining momentum off late, however, with Android Development you can be sure that this one is surging ahead and creating applications and functions unlike any. With the Android apps market you get to download as many apps as you want. Most of them are fancy and can be used by one and all. There are some apps that are particular for business, students, etc, however the best feature of Android Development is that is has a huge variety to offer you.

What is Android Development?

This mobile operating system was launched by the infamous Google and was developed by Android Inc. Unlike what many think, Android Development is not only games and applications, it also includes software for debugging, testing,...  Read More

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Mobile Application Is Leading the Road to Success

In today's century, technology is expanding progressively. Mobile technology is leading the list. The demand for various mobile applications has increase in high range, it has become very vital for all mobile application developer to update their skills and knowledge to fulfil customers’ needs. Openwave is one of the leading companies in the mobile application development catering to the clients requirements. We have our professional team of developers who are highly skilled, handpicked developers are appointed to deliver various mobile applications for our clients. We cater various services to our client includes mobile games development, social media applications and various other mobile software functions. Our experience in mobile application development services and our developer’s expertise in this field have helped us to survive effectively...  Read More

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Enjoy the Advanced Cooking Application with Mobile Phone Development

When it comes to applications for any Smartphone, they give a different life to the phone as well to the user. With the applications, you make your work easy and also you tend to make your life interesting. If you are into socializing, Facebook and what’s up would be the apt application but when it comes to cooking or catering, The Cucumber app would be the first and thus the best application that has some inbuilt power with which it can automatically identify branded food products and with the powers, it also recommend recipes that you can use with the specific ingredient. All this happens through images and it has a capacity for image recognition. Mobile App Development has a major hand in the success of this food related application.

Your Smartphone Is Now Smarter Then You

If you are keen on cooking but you are finding it...  Read More

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