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Will be Maid of Honour? Check out the style of the famous and be inspired

Get inspired by models used by famous as Ivete Sangalo, Angelica and Sabrina Sato, and see tips for choosing the perfect dress to make beautiful as maid of honor according to each occasion


Being maid of honor is an honor and a huge responsibility for every woman, but with the invitation also appears the question: Which model to choose to share this moment with the bride and groom?

Among the famous almost anything goes - brightness to the dreaded white! To help readers to make beautiful the ceremony, we select some of the looks chosen by stars like Sabrina Sato, Angelica and Ivete Sangalo to help inspire in choosing the dress of dreams according to the occasion.

Can shine!

If the wedding is at night, a good way to give a prized the look is to opt for a gloss with model - carefully, of course, not to mount a visual à la Chayene (like forgetting Cláudia Abreu covered in glitter, feathers and colors Floods in Charming?)

Two famous who did well in the dress of choice were Ivete Sangalo and Angelica, who chose models with brightness just right to celebrate the union of Preta Gil and Rodrigo Godoy. Paloma Bernardi also made beautiful for her brother's wedding with a long green.

All dresses have a hit in common: The most behaved modeling to offset the effect of glare. Make and discreet jewelry are also ideal not to be striking beyond measure.





Rents were, are, and should remain a sought success for weddings. They give a romantic tone to production, and therefore quite match the occasion. Carolina Dieckmann, which was one of the 28 bridesmaids Preta Gil(cheap bridesmaids dresses), nailed to the model, set the body also gave sensuality to the actress, which is beautiful in nature.


Avoid white, unless ...

The white (and this is true for clarinhos tones like champagne, for example), usually the veto number 1 when it comes to dress choice for wedding party. If you are not the bride, in general it is best to avoid, right? Right. Unless ... the color is already a consensus between guest and bride. Otherwise, the impression is you are trying to draw more attention than the bride.

Solange Knowles, for example, asked that all your guests wore white for the celebration of their marriage with Alan Ferguson. It is only natural that the godmother, Beyoncé also came up with a model that color. Pippa Middleton followed the same line and made success in Kate Middleton's marriage to Prince William.

Already Sabrina Sato, one of the bridesmaids link his personal aide, Ron Macedo, with the fashion producer Alex Dias, was dressed like a 'princess' in the tone of pearly look at the request of the couple themselves. "I joke saying I'm the bride of this wedding. The bride and groom were with me in the studio the day he tasted the dress. And they loved and approved," said the presenter during the ceremony. "I wanted her to do any 'lady gaguismo'" joked Ron.




Rainbow elegance

If your desire is to value the lap with a beautiful neckline or dare the slot and put the pernocas out, opt for a flat model to not overload the visual. In this case it gives to dare more in makeup and choose powerful jewels.

Among the famous bridesmaids who shone with this style are Fernanda Paes Leme and Fernanda Souza during the wedding Preta Gil. Samara Felippo and Mirella Santos also did well.





A very common trend in weddings gringos - but well adopted with far less frequency among Brazilians famous - is that the bridesmaids(white bridesmaid dresses) choose the dress in a combined manner ceremony.

This is the case of Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence and Lady Gaga. The first, for example, posed with her purple outfit alongside the other bridesmaids wedding of one of his best friends. The idea was that the bride wore all colors of purple and lilac.

You brother linkage of the Hunger Games star and Lady Gaga's friend, all invited to get on the altar appeared in well clarinhos pastels, just changing the modeling. As with the white dress, the important thing is that everything is a combined with the bride - and pleases all invited, of course.




In daylight

Weddings performed during the day and open spaces allow a more informal style to the guests - and the same goes for the bridesmaids.

The dress length, for example, can rise a bit, and lighter fabrics are welcome. To give a touch of sophistication, the hat is a classic - since it matches the place and occasion. The accessory is true for churches and ceremonies on the field that has a more sophisticated tone, but can be over if the reception the guests are in a buffett or restaurant, for example. Worth common sense.

Patricia Poet hit the color combination and invested in the hat for the wedding of her friend Carla Vilhena.


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