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What to wear to a first theater


Choose the right look for a "first" in the theater is not an easy task. Here are the rules to follow to be flawless and not risk to transcend the kitsch of the context in which you find yourself. All you need to know about dress shoes accessories and hairstyle.

Veronica Volpi

Usually "the first" in the theater relate to the opera, but sometimes also affect the ballets, according to the custom and tradition of the city of interest.
In any case for women when approaching the fateful evening, always it raises the question of what to wear, how to style hair and accessories such use to be perfect, neat, elegant and absolutely never out of place.

We start abbot.

The dress for excellence at the first stage is long, satin or silk, and absolutely mermaid model.

Avoid dresses with balloon too full skirts are wonderful clothes but the ones you are not at the Oscars or at the Film Festival you see work in a traditional theater.

Also avoid too many sequins, Swarovski excessive embroidery, fringes, beaded embroidery, to transcend the kitsch of the context in which you find yourself is a snap.

As for the color, the dress must be strictly monochrome or black, or red or white or silver.

Better to avoid the fantasies that make very summer and holidays by the sea. If you do not have the long dress(cheap formal dresses), it is also given a "cocktail" short dress, to the condition that it is always at the knee and that it is accompanied by strictly black stockings or bare legs. No to the flesh-colored stockings.

As regards the color and the type of cloth, the same rules that for the long dresses. In short they are also granted the cliffs, but still very light.


Let the shoes.

The shoe par excellence suitable for this occasion is the jewel sandal with heel not too high (max 12 cm) but strictly no plateau.

This is because when you walk into the foyer you have to have a pace elegant, light, set, but natural and high-heeled gait is likely to create problems especially if you wear an important dress.

And do not worry if it's cold for sandals, taxis leave you exactly at the entrance to the theater so you do not have to make long journeys in the cold!

If you wear a short dress(formal dress shop) with black stockings as mentioned above it is also fine cleavage with a demi-pointe, still without plateau and with max 12 cm heel.


As for the bag to perfect these occasions is the clutch or the clutch.

Absolutely not suitable for the maxi bags, shopping bags, shoulder bags or shoulder bags. The theater bag must not exceed 20 cm long and taken strictly by hand, always with elegance and poise. For colors can be either in tone with dress with jewels, embroidered with beads, sequins or Swarovski, never fancy or with fluorescent colors.


Final detail of the outfit are the jewels.

Perfection nell'outfit theater is the finery composed of round neck (in precious stones or crystals), small earrings and pendants and bracelet.

Alternatively you can pull different pieces among other things, on the condition that there exists a certain harmony in the stones, without mixing metals, stones or different kinds, such as for example gold with silver, but above all the jewelry must not be excessive !

Earrings preferably very small, because once again you are likely to cause the opposite effect in those who observe. Remember that the jewel serves to highlight you should not be leading him.

As for the hair, the harvest and the bun are always very chic, elegant and refined for this occasion, but always avoided the excesses. Even the hair loose is greatly appreciated, provided it is well-groomed and cared for!


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