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Wedding dresses used in the world

The marriage ceremony is one of the most important in almost every culture events. The union of two people ?? in theory to all of life is an event that deserves respect, celebration and various details that make the moment even more special. People prepare special dishes and use their best outfits.

However, in each country they have different customs and beliefs, so the ceremony and the elements that comprise it may vary. This time we present a gallery with different wedding dresses that are used in the world; not all are white as used to in Mexico. Which do you prefer?


Japan Kimono is the traditional female dress of Japan, so it is not surprising that use at a wedding. Brides also wear an adornment in hair called tsunokakushi, which represents its intention to be a good wife.


In this nation Nigeria brides wear the traditional caftan, a garment made with silk covering up to half the leg and short sleeves. Above carry a lace blouse with small brightly colored ornaments. In the head and torso wear matching ornaments.


India The traditional wedding dress in this country called Gagra Choli. Women generally use it in red and complement your outfit with exactly 16 ornaments from head to toe.


Palestinian Palestinian women wear two dresses for your wedding. The first, white with a voluminous skirt is worn during the ceremony. For the rest of the day using a hand-embroidered dress by her mother, especially made for this important date.


Sri Lanka Brides of this country are wearing an elegant silk sari and a veil covering her head. It is important that the number of stones that adorn the sari is odd, since it is considered good luck.


In this European country Italy brides can wear the classic white dress or choose a green one, since it is considered that this color bring good luck and abundance.


Korean traditional wedding costumes are called hanbok in Korea and used for thousands of years. They consist of a long-sleeved blouse and high-waisted skirt, made in cotton or silk.


Peru In Lima, the capital of Peru, is a tradition that brides to wear a red dress with black, with a wide, fluffy skirt. Accessories such as lace veil and fan, also elegant materials, can not miss.


Indonesia brides this country usually use bright colors and dresses with large and detailed embroidery. Also, they pick up her hair and decorate it with bright elements.

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