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Wammen got his Karen: Cold, wet and warm-hearted

The smiles were wide and the heart warm feelings between bride and groom easy to spot when Nicolai Wammen afternoon proudly followed his newly-wedded wife, Karen Lund, out of the imposing Aarhus Cathedral in the middle of the Jutland capital.

The former mayor of the country's second largest city and the European and defense minister in the previous Socialist government did not let the wet, cold May weather shade for the interior sea of ​​sunlight, as the wedding with his girlfriend Karen Lund within the cathedral a few minutes before had filled couple with.

Thus beaming couple unaffected by the weather, as they with some delay came out in the Great Square to the waiting journalists, plain curious and a trellis of roses.(short formal dresses)

- It feels great. I think I'm the world's luckiest man, said the 45-year-old Nicolai Wammen, alluding to his 10 years younger bride who smiling replied in the same happy tone:

- You're the world's nicest man.

Tears of joy

Asked had Nicolai Wammen admit that he had been unable to hold back the tears when his future wife went out to meet him on his way toward the altar and the ceremony, which was conducted by Bishop Henrik Wig-Poulsen.

(Foto: Claus Bonnerup)

- Yes, there were more tears, but I knew that in advance, confirmed Nicolai Wammen, who is the father of her son Carl of four and a half years.

- Now we look forward to having to enjoy each other and the rest of this lovely day to the full, sounded the final word from Nicolai Wammen in the hubbub of congratulations, rice and raindrops.

The wedding couple continued in style in an elegant 1966 model of a beige-yellow Jaguar Mk 2 with a 3.4 liter engine with an experienced driver dressed in evening dress. In the back seat enjoyed the nationally known politician and his girlfriend through less than three years a glass of champagne on the road toward Restaurant Varna in the south of Aarhus, where the 75 partygoers were provision of meals, drinking, partying and dancing, but unfortunately without the prospect of seeing Whit sun make it same.

Frederiksen: Great to see him so happy

On the guest list were in the nature of a large number of political friends and enemies, many of whom had made the trip from Copenhagen to Aarhus, Nicolai Wammen grew up in and continues to value so highly, even though he and Karen Lund lives in a apartment on Vesterbro in Copenhagen.

- The ceremony was fine and nice. The (bridal) were so happy that you could not avoid being pleased, said the Social Democrats frontman and future prime ministerial candidate, Mette Frederiksen.

She continued:

- Nicolai and I went together for so many years, so it was great to see him so happy.

Mette Frederiksen hurried then freezing on in her red summer dress(, while fellow party as Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Magnus Heunicke, Frank Jensen, Jens Juul, Dan Jørgensen and the two former Aarhus mayors, Thorkild Simonsen and Flemming Knudsen, and the current Aarhus rules the roost, Jacob Bundsgaard, hurried on to the party at Restaurant Varna.

Perhaps the evening and the night gave rise to smoke a peace pipe with people with different political persuasions who left's Søren Gade and the two radical profiles Morten Østergaard Morten Helveg Petersen.

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