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TOP 3: how to choose a dress to catch a good shot or make the lightest make-up?

"Celebrate the summer - sun crowded days and starry night" - once wrote the American writer James Hanro. He was right. In summer, to celebrate, and the use of full sun each day - mandatory. With the consent and designer Victoria Urbonaviciute-Wicky, Gediminas Žilinskas photographer and make-up specialist Deimantė Kazėnaitė. All they know how to make this summer even better.

Here are their tips, which will help the summer wardrobe is impressive photo album - bright and makeup - would force a sigh.

1. Perfect dress for summer - where to look and what to choose? Victorian Urbonavičiūtė advice

"Each woman's closet should be more dresses(, which help women to emphasize their femininity and elegance. I would advise nesivaikyti fashion, and to discover what a lovely, beautiful and fit for your figure type. Also not to be afraid to experiment with colors and details. Wicky collection 7 summer days are different colors and patterns of dresses that will suit every woman. I myself, as a designer, it is very fond of dresses - they emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of disguises.

7 Summer Days collection of my favorite dress - with parrots. "With her feel distinct summer and trendy. I like youthful style dresses, which combines both plokščiapadžiais and with high heels. It was so bright, light and you most appealing I suggest to buy dresses.

Viktorija Urbonavičiūtė, Gediminas Žilinskas, Deimantė Kazėnaitė ( fotomontažas)

Cute women enjoy the summer and leave aside the jeans into the country! Life is too short to dėvėtume boring dress! "- Wished Victoria.

2. Hot summer frame - where, when and how to pose? Gediminas Žilinskas advice.

"Very nice, after a summer in an album appear super lightness' feeling - negligence and sunlight. Therefore it is very important is the choice of location. Note what happens in the background, or you will not interfere with dark unnecessary details. This is perfect for the bright meadows and beaches.

It is also always worth it to wait until the sun comes out from the cloud - and the landscape would not create dark shadows. Photographing the sun should be avoided direct radiation. The most appropriate time for pictures - after 17, 18 hours. Then the sun shine directly into the face, it will not be difficult to open their eyes.

If you do photographed at noon - it is worth paying attention or is not near large buildings. Large areas of bright beautiful soft light illuminates the faces. My key advice - Do not shy away to experiment! If you take a picture sunlit face of the camera add "more light." Also, learn postures - you can work out and before a mirror. Let the summer is very different, full of good (recorded) Some remarkable moments and shots! "- Said Gediminas.

3. Easy summer makeup - what to use and what color to choose? Deimante Kazėnaitės advice.

Summer has started and next to our beloved "transparent" makeup and colorless lip gloss, returns bold bright colors stroke. Apple color red - that this lip color was visible on the podium. It is combined with skaistasu facial makeup, bold eyebrows. While we are used to, the dark "Vamp" lip usually seen in autumn and winter, this will continue in the summer.

Eye make-up is perfect smoky eyes - they may be darker than normal, as well as the shiny, dark blue color. Vogue imperfection, so do not worry if not everything comes out the way you want. No surprise if the eyes look a little 'ghost concave. This image is also easy to set up - use the ground color shadows, bronzers, coral color blush. They can also form a smoky eye makeup.(

If you're brave - summer Choose a bright blue, blue shadows. They need not be perfect to dissipate - and create a dramatic image. Also, remember that this summer, important contrasts - try sweeter "Dolls' eyes with the longest lashes. And about the naturalness of this summer can not be true! "- Shared tips diamonds.

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