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In house funds, brides say yes to each other in light and romantic party


They opened their home backgrounds to share their story and make a new chapter with 50 guests. After eight years together and the stable union on paper, Thaisa and Kathya, decided to conclude on a public confession, how much they love each other. They decided to get married. The chosen place was the home where, hallway, gourmet area and the back garden served as the setting for the exchange of rings. All done by themselves, with the delicacy of one who invited those present to cultivate love.

The two met through a friend - today wedding(bridesmaid dresses online) godmother - who saw among them a passion, even before they exist. At the time, the tool used was the MSN. Both were added and months later arranged to meet. "We talked a few times by phone, we arranged to meet up and it was a total harmony. We are not separated more," says the civil servant, Thaisa Frias Lopes, 34. A month later, they were already living together.

The wedding was on the 18th, when they celebrate the date on which began to share the same roof. Within these years, housing was Campo Grande and to Rondonia, due to one Kathya transfer. On the way back, two years ago, they began to build the house, completed in July this year. Then they started plans to make a wedding.


Thaisa explains that the two were already wanting to formalize the union for various reasons, including legal and also the symbolic issue security. "It's a rite of passage," added the bank Kathya Frias de Lima Lopes, 43. Initially, it would be only the signature notarized, but not to pass blank, they decided to combine the wedding and the inauguration of the house.

"I did not want a wedding party was going to be an intimate dinner, cozier and as we had just built, would be a way for people to meet and know where we were living," explains Thaisa. The whole house is designed for entertaining friends and family from the size of the gourmet approach to lighting design.

When they decided to open the doors of the house, the ideas began to emerge, partly by internet and also by friends who started to get involved with the party. The photographer suggested the clothesline lamps in the garden, while Thaisa's mother was in charge of the cake dolls, for example. The touch of each left a very cozy party.

"Everything was done with great care, we want people to stay at home," describe brides. The menu was pizza rotation, so that the guests could eat and still socialize. "If we treated our intimates, we wanted a cozy, a place where we were inaugurating environment. So join several points," lists Kathya.



The wooden pergola was the one who pulled the decoration for rustic. The tables and chairs followed the brown and dressers, won flowers "mosquito". "We would like to say and show how warm is when you do something in the environment that's yours. You bring her story and shares with each other," says Kathya.

The idea was precisely this, to share stories. "Our life story is very nice, since our first meeting, we met and never parted," he emphasizes. Joining them was the "approval" and the support of all the family. Thaisa has only three mothers, biological and two aunts who created it.

There was no thought of ceremony. They asked for guests to arrive at 20:30, a time when even finished decorating the space. They went up to the rooms, packed up and went down. Thaisa had accompanied the bride in a seamstress and knew the details of her blouse and pants. Already her dress(a-line wedding dresses), green water, it was a total surprise to Kathya. Hand in hand, when they returned the funds were received with affection in the form of applause. From table to table, they were going to greet everyone present. There was talk of two and a friend.

"What he said was marked: it was our public confession of love," recalls Thaisa. As a reminder, each brought home a small pink vase tagged "Cultivate love", a message that brides have chosen to go for everyone.

"The idea is this, that the love you need cultivating, pruning, watering, caring. You expect him to grow up, take care. They are not words, but actions you have every day. That rosinha so that it stays alive, you have to have attitude and love is this: attitude and it's what I've been showing for Thaisa over the years of our life, "describes Kathya.

Marriage, as well as a rite, it was also the time of the first kiss them "in public." "We had never done in front of people, but I told the Kathya: we will give kiss at the party I thought, who is is there knowing it's a wedding, so it's normal to have the kiss, I expect to happen . It was natural, peaceful and extraordinary. For us, it was a gift, "concludes Thaisa.


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