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Pinker Moda (PM): Twenty-six years old this year week brides Barcelona, ​​now Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. How has evolved the bridal sector in all this time? And the fair?

Indeed, 26 years go far. It is a sector that Spain was born on a network of family businesses, craft workshops that have evolved and in some cases have become big business, incorporating technology and many other advances in the production and sale systems. The fair has also been a reflection of a sector that experienced significant growth during the decade of the 90. The crisis has slowed sales at the national level, and for this reason companies have sought to enter other markets, many of which have learned to appreciate the product "made in Spain" for its design and product quality. In fact, export remains key to the wedding dress(formal wear) industry.

PM: We are at the third edition of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week organized by Fira Barcelona how has influenced this change of ownership to the evolution of the event?

The first edition was transitional, and from 2015 convening the Fira -according to the Committee Organizador- already launched its own strategy, based on increasing internationalization of the event, both in terms of supply and demand , always maintaining the high level and quality of the participating companies and products exposed.

PM: This year Barcelona Bridal Week arrives with new corporate image ...

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Indeed, we have added the word 'fashion' aspect to underline the 'fashion' of not only wedding dresses, but party. In the lounge there is a large segment of accessories and ceremony dresses are one of the highest expressions of glamor and the latest trends. Moreover, in many cases, such as in the headdresses, there is a factor that is part of high fashion that is the product made by hand by genuine experts who have inherited the trade from their parents and grandparents. It is not only sewing, but high quality finishes.

PM: Another novelty this year is that premieres director, Estermaria Laruccia. What can you tell us about her?

Estermaria Laruccia is an expert in fashion fairs and tireless worker. In addition, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary edition, last year, Estermaria was already working closely with the Organizing Committee and the direction of the room, so knows the event, industry and market dynamics.

PM: What are the main objectives for this year?

The main objective can not be other than consolidate the lounge, grow without lowering the level of quality and is the biggest boost to turn Barcelona into the capital of bridal fashion. The BBFW also one of the few in the world that incorporates a catwalk parades of exceptional quality, with large firms and impeccable scenery.

PM: They say that this edition will be the most international of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. At the level of exhibitors is clear, but what level of visitors? What missions have been carried out and what decisions have been taken to be the obligatory BBW fair international buyer?

After identifying the focus countries by the dynamism of its markets, which this year are the US and European countries like Italy, France, Germany and UK, we have focused the strategy of attracting exhibitors and key buyers, Keys Buyers through of the sales network and foreign delegations of Fira de Barcelona. Also the presence of large international firms assures us notoriety and prestige that eventually results in favor of the hall. Currently, international brands are more than half, and now account for 58% of the total.

PM: What does US not China or Japan have to repeat another year as the guest lounge?

To consolidate in a key country, which has enormous power not only economically, but as an engine of global trends. Be disclosed in the US is a springboard for the world. It is a difficult market, with which work is needed to increase the chances of seeing the results of our promotion in the near future.

PM: Explain the highlights of this edition, both the gateway and the business lounge.

The gateway is already a strong plate, with the presence of brands like Pronovias, Rosa Clara, YolanCris, Israeli Galia Lahav and the Indian-American Naeem Khan, big famous designers around the world participating for the first time. We will also have various activities that will take place both in the city and in the same classroom, related to art and culture.

PM: Is the sector to so many parties?

Our industry has been no exception, has suffered the effects of the crisis, but things start to go better: according to the latest data available, total bridal fashion which includes party dresses(formal wear brisbane), groom, bride and accesories- in 2014 turnover in exports 876.9 million euros, representing an increase of 22.4% over the previous year. This percentage represents an increase of 9 percentage points compared to 2013, when it exported 13% more than in 2012. The articles dedicated to women represent 70% of total imports and exports because, yes, the bride is ready to save in many items, such as wedding or number of guests, but does not give her dress and choose the one you like.

PM: What are the main problems of a Spanish firm currently bridal fashion?

In Spain the number of weddings has declined significantly in recent years. The crisis has affected the sector not only because of scarce economic resources they make the bride and groom wedding postpone or decide not to marry, but many of the links are civilians and, therefore, require less traditional dress. The goal is to continue with the domestic market but still promoted in foreign countries. In this sense, the good reputation that the bridal fashion 'made in Spain' has achieved in the world is an excellent presentation card. Then, logically, you must know how to manage relationships with different customers, and each country has its own idiosyncrasies.

PM: What foreign markets should be remembered Spanish firm girlfriends?

Especially Europe, US, Gulf countries, South Africa and parts of Asia where there is a sufficient market for your interest in a product design and high quality economic potential like ours, which obviously has its price.

PM: Do you think the Fast-fashion also shake this sector?

In this country, I do not think so, at least for now. Spain too has a culture rooted in the tradition of textiles, which thrives on quality and design. Bridal fashion is an art that takes time, I do not see it as a phenomenon 'fast' because besides the wedding dress is a ritual: from the choice of fabrics, design, manufacture, testing, the decision ... this process is already part of 'wedding' and is an especially nice for most brides moment.

PM: You are also Novia d'Art director with over 40 years of history and a great experience in exporting. What are the highest obstacles has faced in his career?

This story began in 1966. My parents founded the workshop in Oro street of Gracia, in Barcelona. For more than four decades we have dressed over 400,000 brides, here and in many other countries like Germany, U.K., Italy, Scandinavia, Australia and Latin America. The obstacles are typical of artisan workshops that have had to transform itself without betraying their culture and their roots, preserving the brand philosophy. In fact, today we are all more professionalized and have incorporated the technology in different processes, but our spirit remains a family business based on traditional values ​​and craftsmanship essence.

PM: Finally, how will the wedding dresses 2017?

After years featuring more ornate designs with embroidery and applications, now the lines are more sober: brides looking especially simple in design as well as fabrics and impeccable seams without sacrificing sensuality, which is expressed more daring forms and lightweight fabrics.

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