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How bringing designers the world situation to the catwalk

Fashion is more than to get dressed in the morning after getting up. You may be an artistic voice and pick up on social issues. Currently, fashion designers creatively deal with refugees and migration.

January 2016 inaugural exhibition of the Fashion Week in Berlin. A wiry man enters the catwalk. He wears skirt and midriff, his face and chest is covered by a black veil.

Here are outfits that are decorated with traditional embroidery from the Balkans or recall desert hiking nations - hard punctuated by military camouflage patterns. Sneakers and oversized cuts show a fashionable affinity, as it can be found in Berlin techno clubs. The loud, aggressive music of the show conveys the same discomfort and Feierwut. That is so, explains the designer of these works. His name Sasa Kovacevic. His fashion label: Sadak.(formal dress shops adelaide)

"I've been thinking a lot about the refugee issue from the past and this year I wanted a mix of show. What's happening, where are you going and where are you from.

The diversity of the Balkans as inspiration

Modepräsentation Sadak während der Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week am 19.01.2016 in Berlin. Im Rahmen der Fashion Week Berlin werden die Kollektionen für Herbst/Winter 2016/2017 vorgestellt. (picture-alliance / dpa / Britta Pedersen)

Kovacevic is a native Serb, not fled, but war child. He studied in Belgrade, among other costume and stage design, before moving in 2006 for his fashion studies to Berlin. His inspiration is his home, the Balkans. The always excelled though its diversity. That search, many thousands of people make their way in peace on the Balkans, the Serb was processed in its latest collection. Well done had him in the fashion show, says men's fashion editor and stylist Christian Stemmler appreciatively:

"The show itself, which has a through casting and styling, is the ne message that I think is good. This is due to the ethnic diversity that is here there. That's a little Middle Eastern meets Black and a little White, but all are dark and have beards. One sees the Fluchtgedanken styling. It is precisely this army Cargo Group, who enters this moment. "

Christian Stemmler, who works for the men's fashion magazine "L'Officiel Hommes", know that Cargo and Utility in menswear since one and a half years, at least one trend. The clothing has all pockets, is practical. In a pinch, you can pack up and start walking a few belongings. However, the designers want the theme escape not cannibalize commercially, but see their fashion as an artistic language, a chance to raise awareness.

Christian Stemmler: "If you look at the designers who make each trend, the sprint designers who have an immigrant background in their respective countries if, for example, Serhat Isik I look at who is in Berlin, which is a German-Turk. which processes already its origin -.. and even racism against Muslims, it is so with many pockets, then he layert with Kaftan he takes elements from the Muslim clothing, combining the modern stuff Since then looks like a bomber jacket. as if there is a bomb belt drum. "(year 12 formal dresses)

The collection of Serhat Isik is called "I do not have any weapons!". "I have no weapons."

Designer make stereotypes questioned

On the international, commercial fashion market it comes to not so striking, but the industry is moving. For example, at Givenchy. The head designer Ricardo Tisco is the Men's Fashion Week in Paris our Western stereotypical views of Africa in question. And shows like all subcultures are able to migrate across the continents. His male models wearing as leather robes a la heavy metal fan combined with botswanischem jewelry.

While in Paris, our view of Africa is questioned, send fashion designers in Florence African refugees as models on the catwalk - a reference to the equality of all people. A good approach or perhaps just an instrumentalisation of refugees for commercial purposes? Christian Stemmler, stylist and fashion editor, which finds it difficult:

"It's a fine line, which should be treated with respect. I have considered the African refugees who live on my street and sell drugs to portray. This is difficult, do not show off. In the end I have to which indeed put clothes to have a legitimacy to produce a range. for fashion magazine I have a list of brands that I have to use. it really does not report, but there is always a commercial twist. "

And so the refugee issue in the fashion becomes a balancing act: to point between commercialization of those in need and artistic ability to grievances.

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