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Crafted hats produced in a small workshop in the center of Prague for its sixth year, is one of the last modistek in Bohemia, moreover, one of the few who studied the craft in fashion school. It focuses mainly on women's hats of different types.

How did he get this unique job?

I come from Prague and since my childhood I liked drawing and sewing. When deciding influenced me the fact that I was tempted to sew large and anonymously somebody else. That's why I finally decided to branch, which was then called milliner for custom manufacturing.(cheap formal dresses)

Nowadays, few people know what it means when someone milliner, better known phrase milliner. What is the difference in between?

Previously, people did not know much, lately I'm more surprised that people know who's milliner. It is the more ancient name for the craft hats. Milliner working in the shop where the hat forms from beginning to end alone own design or customer's design. Milliner works in a factory and is involved in only a part of the manufacturing process.

How many there are in Bohemia modistek?

Modistka Jolana Kotábová.

It is this craft today to study? Unfortunately not, there are only courses in which a person can go through. When I started working in a workshop in Prague, there was approximately 8 workshops and 812 each modistek. By now, he left only where they are employed around the fourth to themselves as much as I currently work in Praha maybe 23rd Being a milliner cost but tremendous effort. The biggest problem is to find a wooden mold, without them you can not create a hat. I'm looking for the most different after former modistkách and their heirs, for us to have not manufactured.

It is a tradition in the Czech Republic hats, their production, or wearing?

Large numbers of people are surprised that it still exists. For us, the great Czech tradition based hat factory, which it distributes all over the world, so we are abroad by acquaintances. Traditional states where the most wear hats, the United Kingdom and the Benelux countries. But I feel that fashion wear hats with us again promoted. Growing up a generation of people who are not shy and they want to differentiate themselves.

So you think today women's hat in the closet instead?

Definitely yes, get your hat and see how they are suddenly you start noticing the streets. It is most often worn by women aged 3050 and then even older generation, which has always been accustomed to wear hats. They begin now and young women. Usually it takes place so that he buys some in the business chain. Then they find that they want to somehow differentiate or unable to get their size and they come to me because I can do to create a hat for peace. Another advantage is that currently combine various styles. Longer true that you need to have skirts and hair piled high, if you want to take a hat. Fashion is more relaxed. Princess Kate is proof of that. This is precisely the icon that rozšeřila surface wear hats.

Why should I wear a hat? What are its functions?

Above all, it is a fashion accessory. In the winter, warm in summer it serves as a protection against the sun. For me there are two kinds of people. Either they want to hide in a hat, wear it deep seated and feels safe. They wear hats inconspicuous. The second type are those who seek hats contrary, because to attract attention. In principle it but can wear everyone. Most often I make hats for various special occasions such as weddings, christenings or even racing. I also cooperate with various fashion designers, which is making things so fine tune specific models.(prom dresses online)

Does modistické craft and wearing hats in Bohemia future?

I hope so. Alone I'd like someone once took the workshop and learned from him. I think about what will interest because people will once again become interested in it, where it comes from what they buy. Whether it is food or clothing. They focus on regional products and at the same time they do not want a unified stuff from factories. Again they began to explore craft and to appreciate it, cherish handmade and individuality in how I see the future.

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