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Error dress makes you look "a local countryside"

Do not make the following mistakes if your dress(womens formal dresses) does not want to look "a local home":

1. Shoes and feet irrelevant

Lỗi ăn mặc khiến bạn trông “quê một cục” - 2

You see people bring bread shoe styles that beautiful star, you hurry to buy now on, when you have tiny legs, skinny nor too long. Or, you enthralled lovely kitten style shoes but your feet are inversely proportional to the slender upper body ... No matter which type of shoe is fashionable or not, we have to match the shape of the foot and you first!

2. a classic baggy while tiny

Lỗi ăn mặc khiến bạn trông “quê một cục” - 3

Bomber-style jacket or boyfriend jeans clear design makes the believers than stylish looks. But they are for you or not, it's a different story! If ownership phom small, very short stature but kept trying the fashions that area, it is a great watch you borrow someone else's clothes, not wearing your map!

3. The area of ​​the "tree" in red

Lỗi ăn mặc khiến bạn trông “quê một cục” - 4

Red dress, red shoes, red handbag ... Anything can boast that you have chosen red, especially red tones are the same then congratulations, you've succeeded in transforming itself into a fashion disaster! Red is the color should not be abused, even as moderate as possible. If you chose a red dress(dresses for wedding) and accessories to go with the background really wanted, delicate, softly!

4. Tearing an outdated

Lỗi ăn mặc khiến bạn trông “quê một cục” - 5

Ragged items not always trendy. For example, this year, let's forget te style fringed torn jeans as travel picked up in the landfill, instead, colored jeans classic style, healed, only a little tear in the bear population is enough to turn you into believers fashion sense.

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