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Clothing Collection 'Red Thread', Mark 34 Years Biyan Berkarya

It was difficult to describe how great admiration for the figure of the famous fashion designer once the pride of Indonesia, Biyan Wanaatmadja.

Biyan seemed to be the standard of a fashion creator homeland that will not only detail in creating every piece of clothing, but also iconic designers who are able to make clothes look so classy, ​​luxurious, elegant, in a way that is simple and not overdone.

This is what often makes the fashion journalist was difficulty in finding loopholes to peel each piece of clothing from the cold hands of a Biyan. Therefore, Biyan almost always presents a nearly perfect dress( that is certainly mesmerizing eyes and make the wearer look more beautiful and confident.

There is always a philosophy that associates each piece of clothing Biyan inspired collection. And, Biyan have always managed to make it the presentation of a collection that is sure to be missed. Just as the Red Thread marks 34 years Biyan Berkarya.

102 Koleksi Busana ‘Benang Merah’, Tandai 34 Tahun Biyan Berkarya

Red thread is a header that he chose to represent 34 years of work Biyan Wanaatmadja. A total of 102 collection fashion show 'Red String' Biyan Wanaatmadja present as markers 34 years since he entered the fashion world that was held in Segarra Ballroom, Hotel Dharmawangsa, Jakarta, Wednesday (1/6).

Clothing slick berdetail beadwork and jewelry design Merahn ternyara Biyan Yarn comes from inspiration will be the accumulation of history, media influences, shapes, colors, textures, sound is recorded by a sense of personal experience, as well as taking inspiration from the archive collection back earlier.

Biyan Spring / Summer 2017 Women's Wear Collection presents many colors like shades of red, coral, indigo blue, fresh mint, olive, off white, beige, gold, silver and black.

102 Koleksi Busana ‘Benang Merah’, Tandai 34 Tahun Biyan Berkarya

Biyan also working on Chintz fabrics inspiration from Gujarat / India. Which he then mix together with luxury materials such as lame jacquard, lace texture variety, some use more basic materials such as linen and denim.(

Spirit deskontruktif using raw edges busannya Biyan show in the show this time. In addition, Biyan also offers a stylish patchwork-inspired embroidery archive samples prior also combined from various motifs printed or print at once metal embossing, handcrafted brass, mineral stones, carved bones, glass and crystal beads, swarovski, freswater pearl, lace, ribbon ,

Happy 34 years of work Biyan Wanaatmadja!

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