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Choose the best outfit for work this summer

An outfit for work is necessary for all the cabinets, which is why we need to be adapted according to the season to be comfortable and of course fashion without wasting much time on the sleeves, so here are some basic to form looks let you not go unnoticed.

No you may miss a skirt pattern, preferably to be sober and subtle colors, not to fall into the informal. You can use them maxifaldas type or to the ankle. These skirts are as easy to combine, for just a basic white shirt, or a color that matches the pattern of the skirt, and some open heels (If you prefer may be flats or sandals, if the labor code It is permitting). Patterns of vertical lines create the illusion that your legs are longer.

Although it may seem somewhat obvious, a white dress is required for the summer. It really is a perfect for summer, but you can add powerful slippers colors, pretty simple piece for example fuchsia or yellow, or a maxicollar to give a little more life to look. If your style is more formal you can opt to choose other neutral colors such as beige or gray, for use in accessories. The combination creates an excellent harmony that gives an air of professionalism without being boring.(princess formal dresses)

The shorts are generally informal and carefree pieces for the beach, but if used with a different cut and fabric can definitely achieve a professional look perfect for the heat. Of dark denim shorts with a white dress shirt, a gray blazer and black or white heels, give all the earmarks of office but leaving some free skin to avoid hot flashes during the day. Keep the other formal elements compensates for the informality that can create shorts, and thus change the same boring outfit ever.

Forget the typical tailored pants, if yours is so skinny this is for you. The tailor pants now can find tightest at the ankles and knees and look lindísimos with a pair of stilettos that help design and refine your figure. With a jaunty top blouse, you have a much more innovative outfit and produced than ever to go to work. Conversely, there are also the type pantheons 60's, very flared, these can be combined with the blouse a little more form-fitting to balance the matter.

In a moment of desperation not hesitate to stick to the classics: white and black. These colors never go out of fashion, and although not sound very summery together, can use them so that they are. A white top blouse and a long black skirt, make a very professional look without looking like you took the first thing you saw in the closet. Another option would be to change the long skirt for a more tight to your figure with a cut below the knee and change the blouse a shirt, for an event that requires more formality.(

No excuses to use the same ugly shirts always at work, with simple pieces how are you can create a fantastic look without much effort, and although the appearance is not everything, really does help, so do not be afraid to try these styles, who knows what might be your basic new.

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