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Bride, crystals and precious embroidery to shine like a jewel

The white dress is dressed in light! Just like that, in recent years the trend has established itself on the catwalks and shows no signs of going out of fashion. The maison Bridal link on woman expressing her strong personality and wants to be the only protagonist of the wedding, wearing sophisticated clothes and gifts. Wearing small modern masterpieces, you can choose from many ways to shine and feel radiant on her wedding day.

You can opt, in fact, for a whole dress(red formal dress) decorated with crystals, or with inserts only on the bodice, on his back, on the sleeves or skirt; or again, dressed in sparkling small details like a belt that wraps around the waist, sleeves that give brightness to the neckline or straps. For the most unique outfits, instead, the brilliant reasons depart from the bodice and cascade down to the tail, forming designs with a unique style.


Resist the allure of a bodice or skirt embroidered with crystals - only hinted or a real storm - is almost impossible. Not only are the clothes from the pompous lines to have important decorations, but also more linear patterns and sinuous were flooded with crystals, precious stones and Swarovski. There is no model, in fact, that has not been influenced by the trend and therefore do not have a strong visual impact: they are siren dresses with sweetheart neckline, princess or lace, it matters little; the only desire of the 2016 bride is shining. A look that puts all of their agreement, although it is mainly the most romantic to look forward to wear a dress that can (to) issue gloss, to put it in the spotlight.

The clothes look like jewels and turn into something glamorous and luxurious touch. The precious fabrics, in fact, join the rich to bright decorations, pearls and precious stones, becoming a symbol of a refined bride who wants to feel valuable.

1606 - Delphine F

To also make them valuable pairing with the lace, a fabric with a vintage flavor that dominates the bridal runways. There are plenty of dresses( with glittering embroidery and beaded decorations forming small flowers or particular designs, perfect for those in search of a solution that is closest to the red carpet, but still traditional.

They are establishing themselves as must the precious decorations in their hair. Dare, then, with a headdress sought, a cameo as hair clips, brooches borrowed jewelry from the grandmothers, a circle or a royal diadem. Do not be afraid to show special details. After all, it is the day of your wedding and all women have a single purpose: to shine.

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