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Bridal Makeup Tips for Darker Skin Brides

The bride's makeup is a key item in the bride's look. It is always good to choose a makeup artist for the great day that has experience in producing makeup on your skin tone. Also, look always test the makeup before marriage.

bridal makeup

The make must match your style and this includes considering the tone of your skin. White skin, brown and black, in general, are quite different in texture. Therefore, we must always seek the trends that best match your skin tone and a good professional.

To help you further, we separated some tips to help black skin noivinhas in choosing the perfect make for your skin tone, and highlight its beauty even more. Check! If you want to mark the mouth invests in cranberry tones, plum, wine, coffee and chocolate. Your wedding will be the night? Take the opportunity to use black or gray metallic shadows. They are a great bet for black skin. If you choose a shade with more vibrant color, use only a gloss or lipstick nude mouth. Shadows with vibrant colors like purple, green and blue enhance the look and the cool thing is to create a gradient effect. At first blush prefer warmer colors such as terracotta or dark brown. Abuse of red lipstick. 

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