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Alberta Ferretti: "My wife, a Greek Goddess"



A woman speaks to women, who tells and praises. And what does the language he knows best, that of fabrics and patterns, pencil and blank sheets of paper to be "dirty". Alberta Ferretti, undisputed name of ready-to-wear International, reveals what's behind Forever 2016, his new bridal collection: clothes inspired by Greek goddesses; tributes to the women of today, determined, independent and evolving. Women "are not content just to look but try the clothes an expression of personality, a mark of distinction." Clothes completely white - synthesis of a fairy tale dream and creating a modern style - "because it is nice to think that marriage is the beginning of a new life, like a blank page on which to write the future."

And Alberta Ferretti, woman accomplice of all women who choose to wear his, confesses to feel closer to him Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Justice ...

The Forever collection 2016 is a hymn and a homage to the elegant woman and strong together. A goddess, as she called it. So are the women of today, or is his hope?

"Women today are that and much more: they are determined, independent, have a family but also free time to devote to social or cultivate their own interests; They do not stop when you reach a goal, constantly look to the future, evolving in their own culture, in the passions, in taste but not in style, because this must always be in harmony with the person and true to himself. All my collections are a tribute to these women and they are the ones who inspire me every day, why are not content just to look but try the clothes an expression of personality, a mark of distinction. "

What inspired in designing these 15 models?

"This season, I imagined my brides as goddesses, representing love and beauty, but also the strength, wisdom and ingenuity."

For each dress, the name of a goddess. Which feels closer?

"The Greek goddesses characters are very complex and at the same time fascinating and unique. As we all live longer moods depending on the moment, but surely Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Justice, is one that fascinates me most. "

She is one of the names of undisputed international ready-to-wear. Why he decided to dedicate himself to the bridal world?

"The need to create a collection of wedding dresses came from a real and continuous demand from my clients all over the world. Their desire was to wear Alberta Ferretti - which represents elegance, style and charm but also femininity - in their "best day". Honestly it was a challenge I gladly accepted because I like to be an accomplice of women for such a special day and I prefer the white because it is nice to think that marriage is the beginning of a new life, like a blank page on which write the future. "

Who is the woman to whom it applies Alberta Ferretti?

"A wedding that reflects today! A woman, that is, who know to live their time and choose the dress is a symbol of tradition, but also to live fully an important moment to remember. In fact, those who choose Alberta Ferretti always does it with the same spirit: my fashion tells this to navigate the future. "

If you had the hallmark of her wedding dresses, what differentiates them from the rest, what would it be?

"My creations express an ideal of femininity and timeless elegance. Feeling fine, mild and romantic ... Because over the dress, there are dreams and emotions. I like to emphasize the romance and sophisticated, but also think that my bridal gowns are a synthesis between a fairy tale dream and creating a modern style. "

In the wedding day, how important is the bride's dress?

"The dress is definitely the star of the ceremony and still remains a magical memory and special for any woman. Surely, then, the bride and her dress is the one that everyone is waiting to watch and comment. "

And how important it is to customize the wedding garment?

"Now the customization is vital, not just for the dress but for the veil, hairstyles or accessories. Then today there are many brides who, wanting to respect the traditions of their own country or to add a detail of good luck, make special requests ... The latest? A young woman asked me to embroider with a blue wire his name and that of her future husband the hem of the dress. "

The wedding dress in your opinion the most beautiful of all time?

"The dress of Queen Victoria remains one of my favorites. Before she was not yet common in Europe as the white color for wedding dresses(pink wedding dress), her choice proclaim a new trend still remained unchanged. "

And the woman who like to dress?

"Honestly I prefer not to choose and be chosen."

What trends - in terms of nuance, fabrics, cuts of the clothes - for the bride 2016?

"I always thought that the current trends are only suggestions that every woman has to adapt to his personality. And the same thing goes for the wedding dress. In addition, there is no real trend, but the dress should be especially suitable to the season, the location of the ceremony and, of course, the character and personality of the bride. "

I imagine, however, that there are still details that the bride can not give up?

"I would not say" must ", but certainly I think the veil is always an important part of the wedding dress nell'accessoriamento. I think every woman want to wear it for his day "unique". No matter whether long, short, embroidered or not, but there is a veil counts, maybe stopped on the hair with a jewel. "

The errors must be avoided?

"Load the habit of meanings that has not ... For example, dressing up like a meringue for the ceremonies in the countryside or play down the white dress with accessories that have nothing to do."

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