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A resident of Rudny created her own clothing line and won Astana

In the exhibition center "Korma" brought together representatives of more than 300 companies, entrepreneurs, organizations from all regions of our country, was presented about 5000 goods - from toys and products, to furniture and building materials. Tatiana Magdanova was among the representatives of light industry. Its small design studio female costume "Exclusive" stood on a par with well-known fashion houses and garment factories in Kazakhstan.

Coincidentally, rudnichanka settled with his collection in the center of the section titled "Exclusive", here it is necessary to match! Tatiana admitted that with his collection of only 25 pieces of clothing and accessories at first afraid to get lost among the "monsters" sewing. But then, when it topam, yubkam- "ballerinas" rainbow colors, jeans stylish handbags, dresses(girls formal dresses) and skirts began to approach visitors, to try and even upset that size did not fit, Rudny seamstress-designer believed in themselves and their talent.

- Purse and skirt, made in the "denim style", visitors bought. Attention to itself attracted my summer tops. See here these are made from ordinary white guipure (pulls out from the shelf otrez tissue), but it is some kind of boring, so I decided to "paint" him in technique "batik". The colors chosen the best summer, somewhere added shine on the back of the top decorated flirtatious bow. Turned drawings "North and South", "Ice and Flame", "Tenderness" and others. When I was in art studio Morylevyh "Sunny Opening Day", I learned that each of your job is to have a name - Tatiana smiling. - In the process of communication with other participants of the exhibition, to learn that, for example, the fashion house "Asyl Design" uses not batik and printing on fabric. They develop a design drawing, and in China, in the factory, they have designs applied to the fabric of the desired pattern. I have no such possibility, every thing I form myself, by hand. Actually, I close the direction of decorative treatment, I do patchwork sewing, batik, felting - a dry felting, for which I have a special machine. These and other techniques are successfully used for the decoration of clothing, and for restoration.

Before becoming a professional seamstress, Tatiana worked for several years in production, JSC "SSGPO", but finally realized that it was not her path, I decided to open their own business and do what she really liked. In 2007 rudnichanka registered SP and began to work at home, and then, 3 years ago, has opened a studio to rent space in one of the shops of Rudny, hired two employees, it was difficult to compete with dozens of the same company, I had to take all the orders in a row and then even devaluation crisis, in general, to work was not of time and effort ... and in April last year, Tatyana and his company moved to a business center on Prospect Cosmonauts, where he was finally able to do creative work fully. room rental is not too expensive, the location is good, comfortable, you can easily show the world masterpieces, and who argue that the beautiful clothes - not a work of art?(year 12 formal dresses)

For the year in the design studio female costume "Exclusive" Tatiana Magdanova developed its own regular customers, mostly middle-aged ladies. Works Now Tatiana alone, periodically takes students to practice. The design studio is engaged in tailoring, repair and decoration of clothes, art restoration. Also in the studio, you can go through the designer-cutter courses, tailor, even the stylist! The very same Tatiana, besides training in the art studio, took courses "Business Advisor" training through the Chamber of Entrepreneurs, which is working closely in legal and "tax" issues. By the way, go to the exhibition in Astana rudnichanke proposed Entrepreneurship Development Fund "Damu", which is the main organizer of the event.

- I first presented their work at the national level, and very happy about it. Also in the program of the exhibition includes master classes by leading international business coaches, and I am pleased to attend these classes. She was surprised when I heard that, it turns out, I'm their affairs according to the philosophy of "Kaizen"! A coach Asem Kuzembaeva taught us, artisans sell, offer their wares. We need to do it properly. This year in Astana will also be courses "Business Communication", which I will certainly go - says Tatiana Maidanova plans. - Need to develop further, if you wish, to your favorite thing lived and flourished. I am proud that my name was included in the exhibition "Made in Kazakhstan" directory, such as me, the works in the exhibition was no more. And it is also very nice, and also stimulus for further growth. Also in memory I have left a diploma of the exhibition participant.

The republican exhibition catalog includes two more rudnichanki representing light industry Rudny - it Gulnur Omarova, who sews costumes and SP Isyumbaeva, which presented exclusive knitwear.

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