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since modern wigs are processed so that every wind of

A constantly worn artificial hair part / wig holds about 6 months to 1.5 years, although this is also an average value, which is dependent on care / handling of the hair part / wig. Hair clips with adjustable wires hold on average 1-2 years, depending on handling and wearing frequency. Never turn the wires of the models "Magic" and "Magnetic" (Jon Renau) upwards, always bend and adjust them! The rubber bands or wraps hold an average of 6 months, since they are wound several times every day and the hair is very heavy.

No, since modern wigs are processed so that every wind of the wind goes through the wig. The problem is rather the hairs. If you hide your long, full hair under the wig, it can be in this case, of course full lace wigs human hair, that in warmer weather becomes even warmer. However, this problem usually occurs only in people who very often tend to sweat.

You can dress your wig / hairpiece by using a wire brush, a coarse-tooth comb or your fingertips. Your wig / hairpiece is designed with a basic style, but the changes you can achieve through styling are limitless. For example, aone can achieve more volume by slightly brushing the neck with the brush. Most wigs / hairpieces need only be shaken and brought into shape with your fingers. Strong curly wigs / hairpieces shake easily. Separate the curls with your fingers or a large permanent wave comb. This type of wigs / hairpieces should not be brushed at all.

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