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making pictures with a wig or without has been a very good way

Often, I was asked why this blog, why this "commitment" to accompany women affected by a major hair loss, why these favorites for some ways to wear a wig, why these shocks for certain ways 'talk about ...

Because I am concerned, archi concerned with a total decalative alopecia, by living with a wig every day, every day!

In one year, it will be 20 years since I lost all my hair ...

I consider that this gives me a legitimacy to express myself on the subject as an almost innate competence that I have put at the service of women like me, affected by alopecia areata but also by the consequences of a treatment in chemotherapy.

I was fortunate, at the moment when I happened to cross the road of Any of Avray. And to answer certain mails received, I actually was the image of his brand, for a few years, the time that we made understand together, to the medical body how important it was to accompany the announcement of hair loss Giving answers or handing out catalogs.

The first doctor with whom I made an appointment when my hair began to fall, waited until I went home to phone and tell me that it would be nice to consider wearing a wig! One of those moments when you feel that the piece has shrunk by half so much you breathe ...

The second one told me that I was very pretty without hair. Is it useful to comment ...

I did not want this either for myself or for anyone else.

So it's true that turning ads, making pictures with a wig or without has been a very good way to get the message out that there is an answer, a very pretty answer. It helped me, personally, to rehabilitate an image of me battered but it also affected other women, I had the opportunity to know.

After a passage in a company of capillaries to create their department wigs what might have let it think for a moment that FASHION PERRUQUES, was the blog, I am today professionally free and independent.

This will allow me to speak to you, places, brands, products that I like (or that I do not like) in complete freedom.

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