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just stroke your wig and pass your fingers through it

A wig is like positioning a painting of Yoshitaka Amano in your living room, you must correctly position it in height and width. For the breadth, it is necessary to place the two excrescences, which form the temples, on your true temples precisely, pile pile in parallel of this one. No error is possible, if you respect that your wig will be perfectly centered on the width. For the height, visibility of the forehead in fact, I use my hand as master-stallion. It's simple, no matter how big your hand, take the width of your four fingers and this distance should match the gap between the top of your eyebrows and the base of the wig. It's unstoppable and it works every time.

Like your real hair, a wig is coiffed short human hair wigs, whether it is natural hair or synthetic hair, it is often necessary to restore your hairstyle. This operation is even more valuable for transvestites who sometimes store their wigs crushed between two piles of dresses and vinyls of Dorothea. The first step of hairstyle is to use your hands, just stroke your wig and pass your fingers through it to untangle a few locks. Then we use a brush and preferably with metal peaks to avoid the static electricity that would even more decoiffe your hair. Go there really delicately and do not hesitate to maintain the base of the strands when you disentangle the points wigs, the goal is not to tear off your delicate brushing.

Think of styling each piece of hair: above the skull, the back, the tips ... If necessary and if the result seems unnatural to you with hair with the aspect too plated, use again your fingers to give volume and A little movement to your hairstyle.

Here, you now have a star wig in place, properly capped and natural result. This is for the moment the main one, because there is still much to be said about wigs: like talking front-laces, accessorize them, change their hairstyles (when possible), cut them ... many subjects that will be addressed in The blog columns! Until then, stay tuned and do not hesitate to leave us your own tips for donning your wig!

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Nicole | December 30th 2016 at 1483163181

Does Donald Trump wear wigs?
What's your professional observation with that messy head of his, please?

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