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We see wigs and painted faces The men laugh and splash each

June 1990, a sunny Saturday afternoon. My grandpa's mother is visiting Iran, my father and I have just arrived with him in Berlin. The Wall has been open for more than half a year. Before the de Maizière government moves the GDR, we want to see the symbol of division again and take a piece with us.

The city west is still on our agenda. We are heading towards the memory church. On the Breitscheidplatz then a surprise: we meet a group of men, who is joyfully celebrated, but strangely attracted. A man with short hair is wearing a wedding dress remy lace front wig, others have white, black or violet colored net shirts, as well as high-heeled women's shoes. We see wigs and painted faces. The men laugh and splash each other with champagne. Some are kissing lace wigs for black women, others are sitting around the fountain exhausted.

"What are these people, Hüseyin Agha?" Asks my grandfather and looks amazed at my father: "Yes, these are ham-jens-baz, homosexuals celebrating a festival, Hadj 'Agha." Group again, while my father, after he has obtained permission, takes photos for remembrance. After a while, my grandfather turns to my father again: "Hüseyin Agha, these people here," he pauses, "are those in this country that keep democracy."

To this scene, when we happened to meet Christopher's Day in West Berlin, but especially the saying of my grandfather, a merchant from a city in the north-west of Iran, who had known West Germany since the 1970s through visits I thought in the past weeks again and again. For he punishes those lies that say: homosexuality and Muslims - that is not at all. A view that currently expresses right groupings such as AfD and Pegida, but also some self-proclaimed Islamic experts. They reproduce clichés: here the enlightened and tolerant West, the backward and brutal Orient.

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