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Wait until the wig is completely dry before combing it

For better hygiene, it is necessary to wash the wig once a week. Concerning the maintenance of the wig with the synthetic hair, the washing must be done with cold water and with shampoo for Wigs. It is important to use a specific shampoo, as an ordinary shampoo can damage the synthetic material. Brush the wig carefully by untangling all the knots. Then place the wig in cold water mixed with the shampoo. Gently massage all parts of the wig, then leave it in soapy water for a quarter of an hour.

If you often cook or smoke, you can add a little bit of baking soda rihanna wig, a teaspoon at most, in the mixture of water and shampoo to eliminate the smell that s' Is grafted to your wig. After the pause time has elapsed, rinse with clear water. Remove the shampoo carefully so that the wig retains its shine. Let it dry naturally in the open, just spread it on a clean cloth. Wait until the wig is completely dry before combing it and undoing all the knots.

The maintenance of natural hair wigs and some precautions

If you wear a wig with natural hair, the tricks for the synthetic wig remain valid, but here, washing is done with hot water. In addition, you can use an ordinary shampoo for dry hair. The use of a blow-dry is permitted but provided the wig is already dry. Once you have finished washing the wig, put a little moisturizing balm on the fibers and also apply a detangling balm, when the wig is perfectly dry. This will make it easier to brush and at the same time allow your wig to keep its shine.

Whether for the synthetic wig or for human hair wigs, try using a suitable brush, specially designed for brushing wigs. Also avoid rubbing the wig while washing, so when you pull it out of the water african american wigs, do not rub with a towel. The ideal would be to possess a wig holder so that it keeps its shape. Be careful to brush wigs with curly hair, so untangle the knots while taking care to keep the curls. Finally, avoid placing the wigs near the heaters.

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