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There are a variety of wigs shops and hairdressers

Whether for health or aesthetic reasons: anyone who buys a wig should not choose the first model. For her there are tips for the second hair.

When hormone fluctuations or disease make a wig unavoidable
Hair is jewelry, art, accessory, expression of personality and health. No wonder, therefore, that hair loss particularly affects women hard. Hormone fluctuations can cause temporary or permanent hair loss and chemotherapy often results in the temporary loss of the entire head hair. Some women help themselves with cloths, hats or hats. But there are also alternatives. Wigs or hair clips can at least temporarily replace the former hair splendor.

There are a variety of wigs shops and hairdressers who offer advice and sale of second-hand hairpieces. If you would like to be undisturbed, look for a shop that has a separate room for consultation. For hairdressers, it should also be self-evident that you get a cut for the wig after the consultation. The face is so harmoniously framed and the hair falls more naturally. Whether you wear an earthaar or art hair wig, today makes hardly any difference - except for a price. Many artificial hair wigs can hardly be distinguished from the real hair wigs by a lay person. If your hair should be permanent Wigsen, it is worth investing in real hair.

If you want to wear a wig in your natural hair color, you should go to the wig or the hairdresser early. If there is still natural hair, the second hair can be matched to the natural hair in the best color. A wig also offers you the possibility to change. You always wanted to have smooth black hair? Or straw-blond curls? So painful the loss of your hair is: A wig can conjure you not only new hair, but also a whole new look. If it is not equal to a whole wig, there are also headbands with ehthaar. Wear under a cap, the Echthaar headband acts like a full hair replacement.

No hair loss lace wig buy, but few or thin hair (or both)? Haarteiles can be put into the horse tailpiece or plug-on iris and conjure up so much volume. On the Internet, there is a large selection of providers. So that the matching color for your own hair is found, but also worth the walk to a store.

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