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I would buy a wig and I would wear it

I understand in any case that the display of my cancer has embarrassed him. I thought that I had nothing to hide, that on the contrary people had to know to understand better, so that they knew that the disease could touch anyone at any time, so that they protected themselves, I Thought of doing prevention. In fact, by thinking about it, was it not a way to find support? To find compassion?

I do not know but I realized that I should have taken my daughters more into account, especially the look that was going to be made on them knowing that their mom had cancer. I did not protect them enough from others, those who did not understand anything about what they were living and saw death only as a conclusion.

If I had to do it again, if I were to repeat one of these days and go back for heavy chemotherapy with hair loss, I would first try the refrigeration helmet to delay the fall, even a month. Burden less to wear for a month and that is priceless. If my hair falls, I would buy a wig and I would wear it, I would avoid the embarrassing looks in the street my daughters lived with me, I would avoid unwanted anecdotes told by people too talkative and inconsistent Of their dead knowledge of cancer in terrible conditions or on the contrary lace wigs uk, breast cancer, pffff, nothing at all, should not make it a disease.

I would not show my cancer in the face of all, it does not show the disease, it bothers, it scares. I can handle the reactions of people, too concerned about my survival but I think it's too much for my loved ones, especially for children. Having a sick mother, feeling the anxieties of her parents, it's already a lot, I can not ask them to cash in the reactions of others, they absorb everything. I would not do it for them any more, so as not to expose them more to the disease.

I apologize to my daughters for all I have done to them, all I have done to them and all they have to live of tragically because of the dirt of cancer that has fallen on me.

My husband can put up with everything as long as I'm there and it's all that matters, I agree.

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