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Interview with a Seller Series

It has been such a long time since we posted our "Interview with a Seller" series and we apologize for this; however, we are committed to doing many more of these in the upcoming months, so please stand by and you might be one of those sellers we reach out to. We decided to sit down with Pamela Pope aka Pacesetter Ecectica and really get to know her and share what we found with each of you. We hope you enjoy learning more about a very active and social seller on Addoway. We know we did. Enjoy!

Q: What is the link to your Addoway store?

Q: What prompted you to start?

I joined Addoway, because I was very impressed with the owner and his selling site's “mission” goals to have a simple yet very friendly social selling site created with an online seller’s experience and knowledge.  I had quite a few friends that had left another site and were very happy with Addoway that encouraged me to try it out.

Q: Why did you choose to the products you sell?

I have been a lover and collector of antiques, vintage and collectibles of all types as well as surplus items for many years and started selling the things I had collected to make room for more.

Q: What inspires you?

Connecting with people with like interests, communicating with them and being a part of online commerce.

Q: What is unique about your store?

I have an eclectic mix of old and new from A to Z of everything one can think of ...jack of all trades…master of none type of store

Q: Which type of products that you sell seems to be the most popular?

Well… auto parts and hot rod performance parts of any kind have always sold very quickly but vintage and antique items are always consistent sellers and then my online store promotion services sell the most.

Q: How many times have you switched direction in regards to the product you sell?

I never have really switched, I just add new directions as I collect or unpack items I’ve stored.

Q: What advice would you give to other online merchants trying to grow to become a large-scale seller?

Enjoy the things you sell know them well and organize your business before you get too busy.

Q: Could you discuss some of the challenges and obstacles you have faced?

Increasingly higher charges for selling online, shipping costs, supply costs and internet costs are a challenge and make it very difficult to make any profit selling online.  Internet difficulties and glitches have been a problem over the years and with technology ever changing and social media rules and regulations ie: Google changing, too much time has been spent conforming to their rules.  I really enjoy simplicity.

Q: How have online marketplaces helped expand your business?

I started selling on eBay back in 2002 when it was fairly simple and much less expensive so I was busy just buying, listing and selling via auctions but as they began to price out and shut out the small vintage/used item sellers, I moved onto other venues and really expanded by listing items in my online store.  I am still expanding daily as I am still listing inventory I have packed away.

Q: Do you have your own direct website?

I do not have my own website but have many seller friends that do as it has become much easier to start one up without too much tech knowledge.

Q: If you could change one thing about the big online marketplaces out there, what would it be?

Let the sellers (customers) run their own businesses-stores. Let them be a separate entity instead of trying to impose rules and regulations to make everyone conform to a set of standards.  Keep it simple and let the sellers be a unique and mixed group. 

Thank you again Pam for spending so much time with us. If you have any questions for Pam, please leave them below in the comment field.

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Reader Comments  (12)

Monty | April 4th 2012 at 1333527137

Where did the BOTH of you get those shoes? They're very cool!
I'd like to ask Pacesetter Ecectica (OP has misspelled her shop name in 1st paragraph), anyways:

Pam: Does offering Twitter Services (as you do) take up much of your time while listing to sell daily?

Donna's Stuff & More
Donna's Stuff & More | April 4th 2012 at 1333541349

Great job! Love the interview format. ;-D
Avocado Lane
Avocado Lane | April 4th 2012 at 1333543781

Love the interview idea! You could not have picked a better first than Pam/Pace who is a wonderful seller who provides great service.
Pacesetter | April 4th 2012 at 1333544050

Thank you, Addoway, for the chance to talk about myself but I'm definitely blushing behind the screen, not knowing that I should have edited my responses-yikes! I definitely have been known to talk a lot ....and use run on sentences a bit, not to mention some typos here n there :) Online sellers tend to spend much more time typing than talking so we might be a bit difficult to keep up with :)

Mr PAPARAZZi, thank you for interviewing me last year and giving me a little practice in answering some of those questions that I'm usually too busy to think about ;) I admit, I spend much less time listing items for sale since the Twitter and Facebook world came to be but my business is just about the right pace for me and I manage to sleep 4 or 5 hours a night :)
For Everything Nice
For Everything Nice | April 4th 2012 at 1333545237

Such a wonderful helpful seller and friend - not afraid to reach out to others.
Indizona Variety
Indizona Variety | April 4th 2012 at 1333548583

WooHoo!! Yay for Pace! I don't understand how you manage to get anything done because I see you all over Facebook all the time. I should learn to get things done like you do.
vinewood | April 5th 2012 at 1333652804

Pm great interview , as u r one of the best
 | April 5th 2012 at 1333665479

@ PACESETTER: Hello Girl Scout, it's my utmost pleasure to meet you outside of my previous purchased items within your store.

I'll be your next SECOND question:

Q: While using my WATCH ITEM button, I recently discovered I had to make separate payments to that same seller, if you could change one thing about Addoway, what would it be?

Thank ya', MOON
FancyDudsNStuff | April 14th 2012 at 1334427420

I like the interview concept. Please keep it up. This was a great one.

Likee the interview cioncept. Please keep them up. This was a great interview. | April 14th 2012 at 1334466936

Congrats @Pacesetter in your interview, it was very interesting to know a little bit more about your business and how you run it.
DMedicineWoman | April 19th 2012 at 1334864412

Your a celebrity now, Pace! WTG! Great interview, for sure.
no photo
Poetry Girl | August 15th 2013 at 1376604776

I was reading around all these links. Will this interview phase continue or did it not succeed since April 2012?

I like reading about people but also noticed that mostly all those members have left now gone from your "What Users Are Saying" section at

Is this page or section going to be refreshed or updated being that mostly everything (blogs included) are old outdated information, etc?