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Google Product Feed Changes Tools Update - A How To Guide

Google's Product Search feed changes
went into effect on May 3, 2011 and many of you have already made the necessary changes to your products so that they can still be included in Google's Product Search engine, which as you know continues to be a leading driver of traffic to your listings.

Congratulations! A lot of the hard work is now behind you.

But there are still many who have some editing to do to get their items sent to Google Product Search and we wanted to let you know that we have made it even easier to identify your individual product data feeds and locate which items need some editing.

Please note: Categories not currently requiring a UPI are Apparel (including accessories like jewelry), collectibles, vintage, antiques, one-of-a-kind, and custom made goods.

So if your items fall in any of these categories you are good to go. If not, then you should proceed to the Google Feed Lookup Tool.


Google Feed Lookup Tool

You can find the Google Feed Lookup tool by clicking on Seller Settings in My Addoway under the Sellers Tab. See image below.

In my feed review, I can see a variety of things:

  • My Account ID#
  • My Feed Status
  • My UPI Exemption Status (and link to change my exemption status)
  • When My Feed was last updated (they are sent to Google at midnight of that day)
  • And my registered URL with Google

Performing a Feed Review

You can also perform a feed review of your listings to make sure everything is good. Once you perform the review it will show you which items are being submitted to Google and which ones are not. If they are not being submitted to Google it can be due to a variety of things:

  • they are missing valid Google Products UPI Data information,
  • they failed our other marketplace duplication price check,
  • they are not categorized,
  • they are missing electronic payment methods,
  • they contain duplicate titles,
  • they are missing non-local shipping methods

If they are missing Google Products UPI Data, we show you exactly which items, (as you can see above), so you can simply narrow down what you need to search for to fulfill Google's requirements on those items. The items that are OK will be submitted to Google. (We submit feeds to Google once a week unless you make changes to your listings. In that case we submit them at the end of that night the change was made).

If your items are failing the duplicate price check it's because we noticed they were listed on another marketplace at the same price. If they are not listed on any other marketplace anymore or the prices are now different, just contact us and we will exempt them for you manually.

If your items have duplicate titles all you need to do is edit your titles, so they are unique.

If your items don't have electronic payment methods, are not categorized, and/or contain non-local shipping methods you can either use our bulk editor or our new quick edit option in My Ads to add those required methods.

Please note: Categories not currently requiring a UPI are Apparel (including accessories like jewelry), collectibles, vintage, antiques, one-of-a-kind, and custom made goods.


UPC Lookup

You can look up UPCs or EANs at the Internet UPC Database website, which includes many, though not all product identifiers that have been issued. You can look up ISBNs at

But you can also use the YOOPSIE Tool to look up UPC information for your listings.

If you would like to read more about the changes or see the frequently asked questions, please visit the Google Merchant Center or if you have any questions for the Addoway team please let us know.

Everyone's listing will continue to be submitted to Bing, TheFind, Google's organic search, ShopWiki, and Oodle, but it's also important to have your items approved to be fed to Google Product Search as it continues to be one of the highest drivers of traffic to your listings.

Thank you

The Addoway Team


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