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Addoway retiring Google Checkout as a Payment Method on 11/20

Hello Addoway users,

We wanted to remind you, if you didn't know already that Google is shutting down their Checkout product on November 20th, so with this news Google 
Checkout will be retired as a payment option on November 20th on Addoway as well. 

If you are currently offering it as a payment option in your store, you should have received an email reminder of the change from our support team. We encourage those users who are offering it, to setup a PayPal account and that as an option if you haven't done so already, as that will be the only electronic payment method available on Addoway for the time being. You can add new payment options by clicking on Seller Settings/Payment Methods within My Addoway. 

However, we will be looking to add an additional electronic method or two in the future and will make an announcement when that time comes.

For more information on Google's announcement, please visit here
To setup a PayPal account, please go here:
And of course if you have any further questions or needs, you can always contact Addoway support.

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Reader Comments  (8)

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Ryan | November 10th 2013 at 1384092025

Where is your shopping cart buyers can load up on?
Addoway, Inc
Addoway, Inc | November 10th 2013 at 1384100530

Ryan, Great question. It's coming soon.
Donna's Stuff & More
Donna's Stuff & More | November 10th 2013 at 1384100762

Thanks Fredrick!
Lori L. Johnson
Lori L. Johnson | November 10th 2013 at 1384123605

Thank you and things will only get BETTER when a shopping cart is implimented!
Monty | November 11th 2013 at 1384180318

+hanK yoU for the update, information, etc....

Hi everybody} Have a nice day, Monty
 | November 11th 2013 at 1384187278 - in reply to addoway

Hello Fred, is CBA an option with your sellers?

I'm wondering if checkout can be made as "Other or Money Order"
where seller can then send a direct due bill invoice from Amazon to satisfy payment here?

Thank ya' for all that you do for us (buyers), Moon

PS: Wondering if anyone here offers their own custom shop cart?

I purchased multiple items last night from (Juanita) and then sent her a message requesting to create a new Ad with my combined listings. It was easy for her to do and now I'm (once again) a 100% satisfied BUYER with this customized Ad}
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Trixie | November 11th 2013 at 1384233530 - in reply to Wild-Rags-Place

Is Addoway prepared and ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday now that GW will no longer be a payment option?

It's hard to believe that we are less than 3 weeks away from Cyber Monday and Black Friday.
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Curious George | December 8th 2013 at 1386570568

It has now been 30 days since your last blog.
When is the next Addoway blog coming?