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More About Sweetheart Wedding Dresses

Sweetheart wedding dresses are evening dresses characterized by a sweetheart neckline. This type of design involves two curves over the bustline, which drop down to meet at a point in the midline between the two breasts. The heart-shaped neckline covers the breast-line but also accentuates the breasts, and is considered both graceful and alluring. The side edges of the neckline are linear and often converge on the neck in the manner of a halter, which further accentuates the breasts. Sweetheart necklines are seen in late medieval and Renaissance paintings, first at the court of Ferdinand and Isabella in Spain. It is also a feature of formal dress among the upper classes of Renaissance Italy. The rounded contour of the bustline was emphasized by designers in 18th century France, but is less prominent in the 18th and 19th century formal dress of Britain and Northern Europe. During the late 19th and 20th century higher necklines were often felt more modest and becoming, and the emergence of the corset, brassiere and strapless dress received more attention at mid-century. During the 1960s, the sweetheart neckline reappeared in pique, wool crepe and stiff cotton blouses, and in tops with short sleeves, simple lines that included darts for shaping and sometimes ties in the front and the back. The heart-shaped neckline came as well to be integrated into the growing strapless dress fashion, and is now frequently requested for the strapless gowns that are worn at a large majority of contemporary weddings. However, here is significant information regarding Sweetheart wedding dress:
The sweetheart neckline accentuates the décolletage, and is therefore more effective for full-breasted brides than for women who are less well-endowed. Even with less full breasts, however, the design can accentuate them and enhance the desired impression of curves. The plunge in the center makes the neck appear longer, which in turn makes the bride appear thinner and taller, which almost everyone wants. The presence or degree of curving in the neckline is one of the features that are sometimes used to differentiate the dresses of the bride and her attendants; it is common to have a sweetheart profile or enhanced curves in the bride’s dress to make her appear taller.
Sweetheart necklines can be used with many materials, which contributes to their popularity. Satin, silk and tulle are the most common fabrics for wedding dresses generally, and all three lend themselves to the sweetheart design. Taffeta is also quite compatible with the sweetheart neckline, often in combination with tulle, and gives a fitted outline and a soft look. Lace is widely used as an accent on sweetheart necklines and is the essence of wedding frills. Brides who are not so keen on frills nevertheless look very feminine in polyester dresses with sweetheart necklines. An overlay of a sheer material is often added that rises above the heart-shaped curves, and this particularly accentuates the length of the neck and adds to a tall and slender impression.
Like the strapless design generally, the sweetheart neckline may not work in all sorts of dress, but sweetheart wedding dresses are very popular because they both cover and reveal, and are dramatic and usually attention-getting. Therefore, strapless wedding dresses, especially sweetheart wedding dresses will not let an individual down rather these will enhance her personality.

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