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How to Keep Fit

Nowadays in our modern society, more and more people begin to concern about their health as with a very fast paced living style. And how to keep fit? Different people may have their own different methods to deal with this question. In my opinion, it is necessary to do the following tips.

First, get up early and do some exercise every day. According to the research, getting enough exercise can make the heart beat faster and the lungs stronger. It helps to strengthen the heart, reduces the chance of getting heart disease, and also helps to lower blood pressure. That's the reason why people are becoming positive in varieties of sports and exercises; they notice how important taking exercise is to keep good health. Some like shadowboxing and fencing while others prefer jogging, walking or square dance. After work, there are also many people choose to do sports. Some play basketball or tennis, others go to swim. By doing sports and exercise, people become much healthier and stronger.

Health experts have proved that what people eat have big influence on their health. Healthy lifestyle is to eat more fruit, fish and vegetables and less meat, because meat contains much fat. Being too fat will cause much physical illness, such as blockages in blood flow and damage to organs, and cause a heart attack or stroke. And on the other hand, don't eat junk food. Many people don't care about it, but if you exercise but eat a lot of junk food at the same time,exercise will do no help to get you in shape. This is because junk food will turn to fat almost immediately after you eat them. Junk foods contain nearly no nutrition and are high in carbohydrate. Because of the reason, sugar levels of your body drop after over-consumption and you will feel lack of energy.

Stay away from bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol is also very important to keep fit. Smoking and drinking alcohol will cause breathing problems, trigger asthma, reduce lung function and cause lung diseases, so it is absolutely forbid. Unfortunately giving up smoking or alcohol is very hard for most people. Also smoking makes a person mental fatigue and very thin, suppressed immune system.

The last important rule to keep fit is maintain a good attitude and positive and optimistic attitude towards life. If everyone could follow the tips of keeping fit, they will greatly get themselves in good physical shape.

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