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Guides to buy wedding jewelry and ball gown wedding dress

Wedding jewelry and wedding dress both play an important role in determining the overall look of the bride at the time of wedding. If any of these two things mismatch with other, the bridal look in the wedding gets ruined. Here are some of the tips one must follow so that you won’t face any problems in matching your wedding jewelry with your wedding dress.
If you are wearing the blue colored wedding dress and you opted for gold jewelry, the overall look will not be so much appealing. It is always better to choose your jewelry metal based on your dress color. Platinum or white gold suits well with most of the wedding dresses and opt for yellow or rose gold if the wedding dress is not pure white.
Some jewels look so good with some dresses whereas they fade away with other dresses. Select jewels based on bodice detail. Pearls look good if the wedding dress consists of heavy beads work and opt for diamond jewelry if you dress extensive sequins or crystals work.
If the wedding dress you are wearing has the high neckline, you can skip neck jewelry items and prefer highly adored earrings to compensate the same. If your ball gown wedding dresses has decent neckline, you can opt for chokers and necklaces.
You might be wearing engagement ring at the time of wedding. Let the other rings your wear also perfectly match with this ring and don’t wear any other ring if you feel that the metal colors will clash and the whole look gets disturbed.
Don’t neglect the traditions. Let some of your jewelry, or the ball down wedding dress you are wearing should belong to your mother or grandmother. It will surely add a touch of sentiment on this special occasion.
Usually, brides face problems as the metal bracelet they are wearing causes damage to the wedding dress. It is commonly seen in several weddings. Make sure that the bracelet you are wearing doesn't have any sharp tips.
If you opt for Tiara or any other highly adorned headpiece, it is better to skip neck jewelry. Make sure that the headpiece matches with your ball down wedding dress.
One must also consider an exact time of wedding while getting dressed up for wedding. If the wedding is during daytime (morning or afternoon), it is better to opt for minimum jewelry possible. As staying with jewelry for longer times may irritate you, this spoils the overall mood of the celebration. If the wedding is during late afternoon or evening time, dress up as you like.
Everyone must love Finlay, the most important thing, the final look of yours. Don’t hesitate to try different jewelry set options and select the one that perfectly matches with your dress fitting, look, hair style, etc.
Wedding dress and jewelry are like two sides of a coin. They are inseparable, and one loses the value without other. So be cautious while choosing and get the best look possible.

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